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1.15 oz. stove/windscreen/pot support
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Mark Ostlund
(Mark-Ostlund) - F
1.15 oz. stove/windscreen/pot support on 02/10/2005 22:04:32 MST Print View

I bought a Brasslite Turbo alcohol stove (stripped down burner head) and a Vargo Titanium pot from I just needed a good windscreen/pot stand to make it work.

I used the basic windscreen from SGT Rock combined with another idea I got from to use a titanium tent stake and the pot handles as the complete pot support, yielded a total stove/windscreen/pot support for 1.15 oz. and boiled 16 oz. of water in 4.25 minutes. This is much faster than the Brasslite Turbo info on backpacker

Sgt Rock notes that the windscreen diameter (1/4 inch all the way around the pot) is much more important than the height of the windscreen up the pot. This allowed me to make the windscreen fit in the pot for storage. (Common wisdom said to take it up to within 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the top - this would have made it impossible to store without bending it up.) As it is the vargo pot is designed to take a standard nalgene bottle which still fits in the pot with the windscreen. It serves to mold the windscreen into a perfect circle so put it in there at home even if you have graduated to platypus for lower weight on hikes.

Here are the two URLs that twisted together yielded the perfect (well almost) windscreen/pot support combo for the Brasslite Turbo burner head and Vargo Titanium pot:

dan kutcher
(danscapes49) - F
Your stove set up on 02/11/2005 09:44:00 MST Print View

I just ordered my bare turbo and intend to set it up exactly the way you have yours. Maybe I'll stop tinkering with homemade cat food, soft drink, etc. stoves. Probably not.
Thanks for the info.