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Montgomery Kettle (ultralight chimney-boiler) reservations
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Devin Montgomery
(dsmontgomery) - MLife

Locale: one snowball away from big trouble
Montgomery Kettle (ultralight chimney-boiler) reservations on 03/05/2010 06:58:07 MST Print View

New Update: Finally available at (!)

Edit: Thanks to everyone for showing so much interest in this kettle! To date, I've taken 50 reservations, and that's as much of a backlog as I'm comfortable taking on at this point. If you're interested in getting updates on the kettle, as well as notice when more are available, please PM me with your email address. Thanks to the amount of interest there has been, I've been able to justify devoting the bulk of my summer to working on this. In other words, stay tuned!

Hi All,

I've finally worked out the production problems related to the Ultralight Kelly/Volcano/Storm Kettle-style boiler that I developed in this thread. If you are interested in getting one of these, reply here but make sure you have PMing set up so I can contact you once the kettles are ready to ship. I expect to have the first batch of 25 done by the beginning of June. The price is expected to be $60 US (plus shipping) for this first group.

I'll send info on the finished kettles and start taking payment when they're ready to ship, but getting on this list will save you a spot in the line.

Here are the specs:

Weight: approx. 6.0 oz
Dimensions: appox. 4" wide by 7.5" tall when collapsed
Boiling capacity: 20 oz
Time to boil 20 oz (dry twigs): 6 min
Time to boil 16 oz (dry twigs): 4.5 min

The prototype in action:

Here are the folks that have expressed interest in the kettle and for whom I at least have PM contact info (consider yourselves on the list):

Steve Martell
Joe Schroeder
Franco Darioli
"P ritch"
Doug Johnson
Anna O'Leary

I have also gotten interest from Patrick McDonnell, Malcolm Carmichael, and Thomas Graham but do not have a way to contact you. Please set up the ability to PM or find some other way to reach me so I can get back to you.


Oh, and my Caffin Disclosure Statement: These kettles are the coolest things in the world! They will change your life! But I do have a financial interest in them. :)

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Diplomatic Mike

Locale: Under a bush in Scotland
I want one. on 03/05/2010 07:30:59 MST Print View

Stick me on the list for one Devin!
They look superb!

Devin Montgomery
(dsmontgomery) - MLife

Locale: one snowball away from big trouble
Re: I want one. on 03/05/2010 07:38:57 MST Print View

Thanks Mike! You're on the list!

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Montgomery Kettle (ultralight chimney-boiler) reservations on 03/05/2010 08:14:14 MST Print View

I think the Monty Kettle is just awesome. I will gladly purchase one of these from you. Just let me me know where and when to send payment.


Devin Montgomery
(dsmontgomery) - MLife

Locale: one snowball away from big trouble
Re: Re: Montgomery Kettle (ultralight chimney-boiler) reservations on 03/05/2010 08:28:39 MST Print View

Thanks Steve! I had you as "possibly" given our earlier conversations, but now you're definitely included.

Maybe we can work out some kind of bartering agreement with those slick crampons you're working on. :)

Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: Re: Re: Montgomery Kettle (ultralight chimney-boiler) reservations on 03/05/2010 08:40:54 MST Print View

Devin,I can't wait it looks fantastic!I look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Marshall
(MarshLaw303) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Re: Re: Re: Re: Montgomery Kettle (ultralight chimney-boiler) reservations on 03/05/2010 08:49:43 MST Print View

i'm in! $60 is a great deal for all the work you have in this.



Locale: Northern Rockies
Montgomery Kettle Reservation on 03/05/2010 08:55:11 MST Print View

Please include my name on your list of those wanting to purchase a chimney-boiler. Looks Great!

cary bertoncini
(cbert) - F

Locale: N. California
I'd like a kettle, too, please :) on 03/05/2010 08:59:20 MST Print View

Despite my destitute state, this appears to be a work of art that I would be proud to own, so this will be my one purchase this year: please do put me on the list.

Very nice work!

Miguel Arboleda
(butuki) - MLife

Locale: Kanto Plain, Japan
Re: Count me in! :) on 03/05/2010 09:07:54 MST Print View

I'd love one of these. Please count me in.


Locale: Pacific Northwet
Re: Montgomery Kettle Reservation on 03/05/2010 09:08:30 MST Print View

Looks great Devin! I'd like to be put on the list too.



j lan
(justaddfuel) - F

Locale: MN
Re: Re: Montgomery Kettle Reservation on 03/05/2010 09:22:38 MST Print View

The populace demands more pictures!

The populace thanks you.

Nicholas Miller
(nmiller08) - F

Locale: Montana
+1 on 03/05/2010 09:36:19 MST Print View

I'd love to put one of these to use, put my name in the pot!

John Adams
(scsjohn) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
Interested on 03/05/2010 09:45:04 MST Print View

Hey Looks Great!

I'm interested.


Tom Holbrook
(Zandar) - MLife

Locale: Central Coast of California
Kettle on 03/05/2010 11:16:09 MST Print View


Put me down for one....

Like the others, more photos when you get there..


Greg Lewis
(gpl916) - F

Locale: PNW
Me too on 03/05/2010 11:22:56 MST Print View

Please add me to the list.

john braun
(Hitman) - F

Locale: West Florida
Dry wood? on 03/05/2010 11:55:23 MST Print View

Looks cool.

How does one go about finding dry firewood if it's been raining? What are some of the tricks to lighting the wood in this thing? That's my biggest fear.

d k
(dkramalc) - MLife
me too on 03/05/2010 11:56:21 MST Print View

I'll take one!


j lan
(justaddfuel) - F

Locale: MN
Re: Dry wood? on 03/05/2010 11:56:54 MST Print View

Get a mora knife
Practice batoning

Also always carry a little kindling with you.

Devin Montgomery
(dsmontgomery) - MLife

Locale: one snowball away from big trouble
Re: me too on 03/05/2010 12:34:19 MST Print View

You guys rock! This community has to be the #1 patron for innovative lightweight gear.

Okay, so Tim, Jerald, Cary (I'm honored to be your one purchase :)), Miguel, Daniel, Nicholas, John A., Tom, Greg, and Debbie. You're all on the list. That makes 21. Thank you all!

James and Tom: I'll try to do you one better than more pictures. I'll see if I can upload a video of my first prototype in action from earlier this winter.

John: I use "dry wood" for those boiling times as a benchmark. They will certainly get longer given damp wood or other variables, but this comes with the territory. This happens any time you use wood or other indigenous fuels, and I think those that regularly cook with fire view its use as a valued skill. There is more learning than, say, flicking the piezo of a Jetboil, but wood can be quite practical after some practice. In damp conditions this may mean bringing some bits of fire starter, collecting dry wood before a downpour, finding dead standing wood, etc. For really soaked conditions, I'm sure than some of the creative minds here can come up with a practical way to incorporate a small alcohol or wax burner. I have some ideas on that front as well, but am right now concentrating on the basic kettle.