Leatherman xe6
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David C. Menges
(davidmenges) - F
Leatherman xe6 on 04/29/2006 14:04:30 MDT Print View

Not light enough for this crowd, but I don't belong to any other crowds...

Costco has what appears to be Leatherman's gray xe6 for $30. They call it the "Pro", but, without buying and unwrapping one, it looks identical to my xe6. List for an xe6 is $90, though it can often be found on the web for ~$60+.

The xe6 has "all the tools in the smallest, lightest bundle". Gray was added to the initial purple color a while after the Juice line was launched.

I would visit Leatherman's and Costco's site to provide details, but I can't take the time.

If anyone wants one but isn't near a Costco, I'd be happy to get one to you.

David C. Menges
(davidmenges) - F
Re: Leatherman xe6 on 05/21/2006 16:44:13 MDT Print View

Leatherman has this to say about the Pro:

"The Juice Pro was originally sold exclusively at Costco. It is the Juice XE6 with a couple of modifications that include a foil cutter and removable tweezers. Costco has since discontinued selling this tool and it can now be found at www.rei.com and at www.sierratradingpost.com."

REI sold the Pro for $50 during their anniversary sale in early May, but REI.com and REI.com/outlet no longer list it, and I'm pretty sure it was never, nor will be, in their stores. My Costco store still has ~30 on the shelf. Someone on eBay has one for $40 (but their picture doesn't show a serrated blade); Sierratradingpost.com also sells it for $40.

Leatherman's web does not mention the Pro. That Sierra Trading Post, a discount shop, has it makes me think the Pro was an "experiment" by Leatherman and will no longer be made.

joe blow
(keltron3030) - F
about the xe6 pro's tweezers on 06/12/2006 11:34:44 MDT Print View

My question is how did the tweezers fit into the tool? I wonder if I could get the tweezers to fit into a regular xe6?

They sell a tweezer for the squirt on leathermans site for .33 cents. It looks like the same one.

I guess theres some extra notch somewhere on the pro to house the tweezers. Anyone know?