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Good Morning Everyone... Let's have Coffee
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Juston Taul

Locale: Atlanta, GA
Good Morning Everyone... Let's have Coffee on 02/25/2010 07:08:42 MST Print View

How is everyone doing this morning? What's on your mind?

I'm having a cup of Joe and no big plans for the day. Looking at vehicles online. I need a new one. Thinking of a 2009 or 2010 Nissan Xterra. Looks like a fun vehicle for backpacking, ect. Any thoughts?

John Brochu
(JohnnyBgood4) - F

Locale: New Hampshire
Re: Good Morning Everyone... Let's have Coffee on 02/25/2010 07:24:33 MST Print View

Whatever you do - just don't buy a Kia. Worst auto buying mistake of my life.

Juston Taul

Locale: Atlanta, GA
Re: Re: Good Morning Everyone... Let's have Coffee on 02/25/2010 07:26:27 MST Print View

I'll add it to my list of no buys. I was going to purchase a Toyota Tundra. Love the looks of that truck. I'm sure you can understand why I'm no longer purchasing one. My folks purchased a new 2009 Lexus RX350 last year. It is having major electrical issues. Not good.

b s
(smyth) - F
Re: Good Morning Everyone... Let's have Coffee on 02/25/2010 08:03:09 MST Print View

Also enjoying some coffee while watching more snow fall here in Philly.

I never heard good reviews of the older Xterras but can't speak much for the more recent models. Besides the boxy look, I hear people like the Honda Element for outdoor pursuits. I wish I still had my mid-90s Jeep Cherokee Sport. Loved that truck, unfortunately NJ wouldn't let it pass inspection for trivial things so I sold it. It was great for trashing when I was wet and dirty and still ran great when it was 12-13 years old. Now I've got a new little Honda but yearn for my old Jeep.

Tom Caldwell
(Coldspring) - F

Locale: Ozarks
Good Morning Everyone... Let's have Coffee on 02/25/2010 08:10:19 MST Print View

Was your folk's Lexus manufactured in Canada or Japan?

Seems to be that I read the Toyota accelerator problems are caused by U.S. components made by Denso.

Wouldn't it be great if a person could buy a simple new car? No, not an old muscle car, I'm referring to something that is advanced in materials and components, but electrically simpler than new cars? All I need is a manual trans, A/C, ABS, good suspension, and great gas mileage.

I wouldn't know what to buy if I had the money to get a new SUV. I do like the squarish utilitarian appearance of the XTerra, (used to have a classic Pathfinder) all the SUVs have either morphed into bloated and shiny soccer mom suburban tanks, or girly looking little rounded things.

I do think I would get one that is made in JAPAN, not No. America. I know that's not patriotic, but quality counts.

Didn't China just turn down the purchase of the beautiful and fuel efficient Hummer brand? I can't keep up with all the auto news anymore. :)

Jay Wilkerson
(Creachen) - MLife

Locale: East Bay
Good Morning Everyone...Let's have Coffee on 02/25/2010 08:15:24 MST Print View

Hello all, I love my coffee but enjoy it later in the day...Drinking TAZO Green Tea right now. How about those Olympics? Bodde Blunder..

Juston Taul

Locale: Atlanta, GA
Hummer on 02/25/2010 08:17:28 MST Print View

Yeah the Hummer deal fell through. I liked the old H1 but never cared too much for anything after that.

I have no clue what to buy. It all seems to be overpriced.

EDIT: I have no clue where their Lexus was made. Sorry.

Edited by Junction on 02/25/2010 08:18:30 MST.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Hummer on 02/25/2010 08:21:12 MST Print View

Good morning. Enjoying my coffee right now.

Car shopping? How about the Toyota Prius? Politician grandstanding and media hype have blown the problem way out of proportions -- meaning good deals to be had. Good for your wallet and good (or at less bad anyway) for the environment.

jim draucker
(mtnjim) - MLife

Locale: Shenandoah Valley VA
Good Morning on 02/25/2010 08:24:43 MST Print View

Hello all

I have also been looking for a basic vehicle. In the compact car category I keep coming back to the Toyota Yaris. I have two Toyotas in my driveway One with 225,000 and the other with 400,000 on the odmeter. Both run perfect. Toyota is offering 0% financing to fix their sales slump due to the recall.

Craig W.
(xnomanx) - F - M
Re: Good Morning on 02/25/2010 08:54:50 MST Print View

Good morning!

Just finished unloading two kilns, now I'm setting up for a demo on the potter's wheel. Students will be arriving in 15 minutes...

Clay's been good to me.

Have a good one folks.

Juston Taul

Locale: Atlanta, GA
Re: Re: Hummer on 02/25/2010 08:56:26 MST Print View

Sorry Ben. I'm not the car type. :D

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Good Morning Everyone... Let's have Coffee on 02/25/2010 09:07:43 MST Print View

We have 3 cars in our family. I know, I know - poluting the environment. We have a Van for the wife and kids and I have a car that I drive in the more temperate months here in Alberta, Canada. In the winter I drive a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder. It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned and take it off road at times. I don't think you can do any wrong by the XTerra, which has been rated 1st and 2nd (depending on who is rating) in it's class since the newer iteration.

Joe Clement
(skinewmexico) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
Good Morning Everyone... Let's have Coffee on 02/25/2010 11:46:42 MST Print View

Thanks for reminding me that I have to get a new vehicle soon. Not looking forward to that.

Paul Wozniak

Locale: Midwest
Pick-up?? on 02/25/2010 11:54:36 MST Print View

Very happy with Nissan Frontier 4WD, extended cab for those times when 3+ people. The small box is very handy; haul dirt rocks, furniture, gear, rotch rocket, etc. Suggest 2005 or newer. 20mpg highway for real (not so green), good ride, reliable and plenty tough. Only criticism is a larger turning radius.

Shawn Peyton
(alifeoutdoors) - F - MLife

Locale: Iron River, WI
toyota broke me heart on 02/25/2010 11:56:25 MST Print View

It was a still a little hard to take but with the record I just can't buy anything else. Deep in the family. Sad you can't buy American anything anymore. We were so industrious and proud once. Anyway....

1998 Toyota Tacoma. Ten years and many many MN/WI fireroads. Total repair bill for ten years (not counting tires) $7.00 The ignition contact actually wore down. Replaced by my local shop for free just part cost :P

I love my Tacoma almost more than I love my Nova Craft Prospector....almost. However not as much as coffee...

And because I don't want to start think about programming quite yet, what is everyone's favorite coffee mixture?

Mine: Poor man's mocha. coffee and one packet of swiss miss hot mocha hot chocolate.

Edited by alifeoutdoors on 02/25/2010 11:59:00 MST.

Richard Scruggs
(JRScruggs) - MLife

Locale: Oregon
Re: Good Morning Everyone... Let's have Coffee on 02/25/2010 12:42:52 MST Print View

RE: "Thinking of a 2009 or 2010 Nissan Xterra. Looks like a fun vehicle for backpacking, ect. Any thoughts?"

Subaru Forester.

Or Dodge Ram 2500, 4x4 Diesel. The vehicle most feared by NYC taxi drivers.

Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Re: Hummer on 02/25/2010 13:54:55 MST Print View

"How about the Toyota Prius?"

I love my Prius. More room in the back than you can imagine. I throw my bike in there without taking off any wheels. Handles great in the snow. Much quicker pickup/off the line than you'd think. I've had it on many a pot-holed filled back road on the way to a trailhead. Bought it in Oct. 2006, now has over 100,000 miles on it and still going strong. One of the best cars I've ever had. If I could afford it I'd buy a new one today.

Not meant to try to sway you Juston, I know you're not a car guy!

Edited by idester on 02/25/2010 13:55:27 MST.

Juston Taul

Locale: Atlanta, GA
Funny Toyota Prius Story on 02/25/2010 13:58:50 MST Print View

My uncle bought one for his wife. She filled it up with gas so she could see how much mileage she could get on one tank. Her son (my cousin), would borrow it from time to time (he was 16 at the time) and before returning it, he would put a couple dollars worth of gas in it. Just enough to make a difference, but not enough for her to notice. When it got time for a new tank, she did the math. Over 100 miles to the gallon! WOW! What a car she thought. LMAO

/A .
(biointegra) - MLife

Locale: Puget Sound
Re: Funny Toyota Prius Story on 02/25/2010 14:05:55 MST Print View


+1 on the prius.

For 99% of driving it's excellent. All of the seats lay down and I can fit a fairly substantial amount of 8' & 10' 2x4's in it. I often get funny looks at the lumber yard though. I used to have a newer 3/4 ton Duramax Diesel Pickup and only used it about once a month.

My suggestion: Find a used '07 +/- Prius and get a beater 4x4 with the money you saved for the times you might go off-road.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Speaking of Toyota Prius on 02/25/2010 14:08:47 MST Print View


I am actually looking into getting a used Prius...