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Refuge-X repair for Debbie
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Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Refuge-X repair for Debbie on 02/22/2010 14:09:40 MST Print View

The problem:
Refuge-X tear

The solution:

Find some heavy duty self adhesive sail cloth tape. Cut two 10cm (4 inch) rounds per guy out, with a hole in the middle of ONE patch.

second patch

Make a new guy out from two pieces of grosgrain webbing as shown. The safety pin is temporary to hold the grosgrain in position. Not shown here is a little zig-zag sewing over the grosgrain where it attaches to the cloth tape. Cut out the original tie-out leaving a small hole to match the hole in your second piece of repair cloth.


Insert the grosgrain through the cuben hole from the inside, pressing the cloth tape firmly.

Now you can place the second circle of cloth tape on the outside, with the the grosgrain pushing through the hole. Press firmly and you are done. When adding guy lines, make sure they go through both pieces of grosgrain to distribute the load as evenly as possible.


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