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Question for Bushbuddy owners
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mark cole
Question for Bushbuddy owners on 02/11/2010 13:00:30 MST Print View

What pot do you use for your Bushbuddy? Also, could you say it's weight (if you know). Just became a proud owner and I'm exploring the pot options. Thanks all.

Brandon Sanchez
(dharmabumpkin) - F

Locale: San Gabriel Mtns
Re:Question for Bushbuddy owners on 02/11/2010 13:15:17 MST Print View

I am looking into the possibility of owning one and am interested in the answer myself. It says on the site that it is made to fit into the Snow Peak 900. I looked for photos and it fits in the pot alone, so the fry-pan lid is not needed necessarily. I think if you added a MYOG lid the SP 900 Ti pot woud be close to 4oz just as a guess. Also, the SP 900 is WAY cheaper than the BPL pot that it fits in.


Locale: Pacific Northwet
Re: Re:Question for Bushbuddy owners on 02/11/2010 13:31:01 MST Print View

Before I bought the firelite 900 pot for my bushbuddy I used the snowpeak 900 with a home made foil lid and the weight (sp900 plus foil lid) was something like 3.3 oz or so, so well under 4 oz. This was with the handles, but not the handle bracket, removed.

firelite 900 pot with stock lid is 2.8 oz.
firelite 1100 pot with stock lid is 3.1 oz

I made a removable wire bale for the above pots which adds 0.1 oz to the above weights if installed.


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Jay Well
(jwell) - F

Locale: Willamette Valley
Bushbuddy Pot on 02/11/2010 13:39:27 MST Print View

The bushbuddy is my go-to pot for just about every situation where it is legal to use it. I really like the snowpeak 900. I modified the pot by carefully removing the handles and the handle brackets with a dremel after seeing pictures of it done on this site (see everything removed on the right side of the first picture). If you are going to remove anything from the pot go with the handles. They weigh about 0.5oz and are easy to remove. The bracket is a little more challenging to remove and only weighs 0.15oz. I then attached a removable titanium bale (purchased here off the forums) to make the set up easier to use. All in all the modified pot weighs 2.85oz without the lid. That is still 0.48oz heavier than the BPL pot, but it is a whole bunch cheaper (I purchased mine for right around $30).

Below are pictures of my modified set up. Total weight for modified pot, stove, and homemade lid is 8.0 oz. Total weight for all and my fire starting supplies all packed up in a heavy stuff sack is 9.6oz. Could cut a little weight with a lighter stuff sack.

Modified Snowpeak 900, bushbuddy and Homemade lid

Everything with fire starting materials ready to go.

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mark cole
Re: Bushbuddy Pot on 02/11/2010 18:14:08 MST Print View

Thanks for the input thus far. Has anyone tried the Evernew 1L pasta pot?

Nick Truax
(nicktruax) - F

Locale: SW Montana
Re:Re: BB pot on 02/11/2010 18:39:55 MST Print View

I have used the MSR Titan 1.5 L pot, which may be overkill for some but it is extremely nice for 2 person cooking. BB nests in the Titan 1.5 along with the included titanium pot grabber. I often used a pair of cheap Walgreens poly gloves instead of the ti-grabber to keep the BB from rattling and as a pot grabber. The Titan 1.5 weighs 6 oz.

Also, the BPL 1100 titanium pot is great for it fits the BB perfectly in circumference and height. It weighs 3oz on my scale. It is now my go-to BB mate for everything except winter.

Enjoy your BB experience, it has been one of the nicest additions to my kit in years.

Edit: weights include the respective lids, an area where you could lighten up a bit if so desired

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George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
Re: Question for Bushbuddy owners on 02/11/2010 20:16:51 MST Print View

BPL Firelite SUL-1100 Titanium pot works well for me

a bit over 3 oz

Nothing like the sound and smell of wood burning

mark cole
Re: Re: Question for Bushbuddy owners on 02/11/2010 20:30:31 MST Print View

Yes, the BPL 1100 is killer, but so is the price! Gotta be the priciest pot on the planet.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
B B on 02/11/2010 21:57:04 MST Print View

I wuz gonna get a BB 'til the CC Inferno came out.

Anybody here ever try the CC Inferno? How does it compare with the Bush Buddy for efficiency AND ease of use?

I've read on posts that the BB requires constant feeding of fuel, in contrast to the CC Inferno.

Dan Cunningham

Locale: Land of 12,000 Loons
Tibetan Titanium on 02/12/2010 08:52:50 MST Print View

I have a Tibetan Titanium 1100 — see THIS thread for more details. The only issue is that since it's from the UK, exchange rate is key. At the time I got mine it was only $44, but today it's $66. At $44 it was a no-brainer (it's the exact same dimensions as the Firelite 1100, only 1.75 ounces more, and has handles), but at $66 I'd probably get the Firelite and enjoy the slight weight savings.


BB Ultra = 4.75 ounces
TT 1100 = 4.0 ounces
TT Lid = .75 ounces
TT Stuff Sack = .625 ounces

Total Package = 10.125 ounces