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Titanium Wing stove $12
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Royal Magnell
(BlueMan) - F

Locale: Northern CA
Titanium Wing stove $12 on 02/10/2010 19:20:18 MST Print View

Seemed like a good deal to me. I'm not at all affiliated with the seller but I just bought one.

john braun
(Hitman) - F

Locale: West Florida
wetfire? on 02/10/2010 21:00:48 MST Print View

is wetfire fuel like esbit?

Royal Magnell
(BlueMan) - F

Locale: Northern CA
Wet Fire on 02/11/2010 11:26:49 MST Print View

I hear the wetfire fuel is crappy. But the stove takes any kind of esbit like fuel. I'm planning on using esbit fuel in mine once I get it.

Hope that helps!

garry pollard
(pollardg) - F

Locale: SF east bay
Re: Titanium Wing stove $12 on 02/11/2010 12:18:44 MST Print View

When I clicked there the stove is 9.99 and shipping is $10.98 ouch.

Nathan Baker
(Slvravn) - MLife

Locale: East Coast - Mid Atlantic
Re: Re: Titanium Wing stove $12 on 02/11/2010 12:30:07 MST Print View

Gary - if you click on more shipping options (right where it shows the shipping price) it lists an option for USPS which should be much cheaper. It est a little over $2 for me.

Royal Magnell
(BlueMan) - F

Locale: Northern CA
Shipping on 02/11/2010 12:42:09 MST Print View

Yeah, you should be able to get the $2 dollar shipping. I was able to. It won't let you actually make the shipping decision until you "commit"; to buy it but you shouldn't have any problems. I contacted the seller and he said you wouldn't get the fuel if you choose the $2 shipping but I don't care. Everything I've heard leads me to believe it's a low quality fuel anyway

Edited by BlueMan on 02/11/2010 12:43:24 MST.

Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
wetfire on 02/11/2010 19:20:58 MST Print View

yeah wetfire as a fuel will get you nowhere. As a fire starter, its probably the best out there.

Mark McLauchlin
(markmclauchlin) - MLife

Locale: Western Australia
Re: wetfire on 02/11/2010 19:53:40 MST Print View

Definately not able to use the wetfire as a fuel source for cooking/boiling, it does make a good fire starter though.

You can see a youtube video I uploaded for another thread here;