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changing my name?
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Colleen Clemens
(tarbubble) - F

Locale: dirtville, CA
changing my name? on 04/12/2006 10:52:45 MDT Print View

i REALLY don't want to go into the plaintive details, but i choose not to use my REAL real name in "public" on the internet. i have tried searching the archives to find out how to change my screen name, but i am obviously blind. this wasn't a problem until i finally got over what a cheapskate i am and subscribed to the site. help?

oh, and does the red M mean "member" or "male?" because i'm only one of those things. ;)

Edited by tarbubble on 04/12/2006 10:53:31 MDT.

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
Re: changing my name? on 04/12/2006 11:13:57 MDT Print View

I asked this same question a while back. IIRC, you need to log out and then log back in and create a new account.

You could go to your "My Account" and select "Edit my billing and shipping addresses" and then change your name.

I did this once (changed my name to my initials - not very creative on my part) and then forgot to change it back when I placed an order. I think BPL caught it because it had my initials on the package instead of my name - probably caused them to waste a label and forced them to print another one - i don't know??? IIRC, they changed it back for me is all I can figure, or maybe my wife did (???) - she was for a very short time, like 2days or so, interested in what I was doing online.

Don't forget to change it back before ordering gear from BPL. Your mail carrier or post offic might give you a funny look when you go to pick up mail for "tarbubble" - plus can you furnish any I.D. with the "tarbubble" name on it to claim packages? [maybe you could???]

Edited by pj on 04/13/2006 02:32:16 MDT.

Douglas Frick
(Otter) - MLife

Locale: Wyoming
Re: changing my name? on 04/12/2006 15:32:50 MDT Print View

I'm also curious how to change my 'screen name' (i.e., "dfrick", as in "tarbubble" or "pj" above).

Colleen Clemens
(tarbubble) - F

Locale: dirtville, CA
Re: Re: changing my name? on 04/12/2006 16:35:00 MDT Print View

thanks. this name is only vaguely decpetive, but it seems the best compromise. i've been meaning to phase out "emma eyeball" anyway, but i'm still very attached to that pseudonym.

Dondo .

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Re: changing my name? on 04/12/2006 19:02:37 MDT Print View

Thanks, Paul. I'm trying to keep my name consistent for the different forums I visit. This ought to do it.

Addie Bedford
(addiebedford) - MLife

Locale: Montana
Re: Re: Re: changing my name? on 06/02/2006 12:24:04 MDT Print View

This is Addie, the customer support queenie - the only way to change your username and maintain your order history is to write me in the customer support interface. The tricky thing is that both your username AND your full name appear on forum postings, if having your full name on our site is problematic for you.

Also, the red 'M' denotes that you are a member...not a male. :)

Edited by addiebedford on 10/02/2006 15:07:38 MDT.