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Montbell Ex Light Women's Down Jacket Review
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Kathy A Handyside
(earlymusicus) - M

Locale: Southeastern Michigan
Montbell Ex Light Women's Down Jacket on 01/26/2010 16:01:23 MST Print View

I've about given up on women's outdoor clothing altogether, so far as hiking pants, shirts, and jackets are concerned. For one thing, they run too small; for another, often they contain too much cotton and are too "cutesy" to be practical as outdoor clothing. I've started buying men's jackets and shirts because they have a fuller cut and are more practical. I don't go into the outdoors to make a fashion statement. I feel as though we've taken a step backwards to the early days of backpacking when there weren't any women's sizes in outdoor clothing. I just want practical outdoor clothing that fits.

Bradley Danyluk
(dasbin) - MLife
women's versions on 01/31/2010 18:48:35 MST Print View

I keep trying to convince my girlfriend to buy the most practical / lightest clothing for our outdoors adventures, but she insists that whatever she wears looks good no matter what. Doesn't matter if there is zero chance of running into anyone - guess it's a confidence thing. Her WPB shell has no hood so I bought her an eVent hat which she won't be caught dead in 99% of the time. So it goes both ways I guess. There's clearly a target market for people who care about the look of outdoor gear.

Weiyi Wang
(wwyjedi) - M

Locale: mid
Re: women's versions on 01/31/2010 22:06:08 MST Print View

+1 here. my gf refuses to wear any puffy jacket/parka, since they look, guess what, ... puffy ...

Edited by wwyjedi on 01/31/2010 22:07:55 MST.

Jeremy Greene
(tippymcstagger) - F

Locale: North Texas
women's backpacking clothing on 01/31/2010 23:45:14 MST Print View

I've reviewed some books on the subject here in the reader reviews section and started a couple threads and gotten some good feedback. The gender issues are real, but the importance varies by individual and situation. If I can give my midnight sum up of this, I'd say confidence and a cultivated self-driven interest in the ultralight endeavor are the big factors for positive and creative solutions. Was that vague enough?

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: Montbell Ex Light Women's Down Jacket on 12/11/2010 12:57:37 MST Print View

Hi Kathy

> are too "cutesy" to be practical as outdoor clothing.
Well, of course. The problem is that the fashion industry sees 'outdoors clothing' as a big fashion market, with lots of wanna-bees and lots of $$$.

Yup, problem. No solution.


Robert Cowman
(rcowman) - F

Locale: Canadian Rockies
womens outdoor apparel on 12/11/2010 13:15:54 MST Print View

If they were to focus on straight functionality, compaines wouldn't make woman's gear because it would sit on the racks for 3 seasons. sorry to say when you walk into an outdoor retailer, yes the woman's section is just as big as the men's if not bigger, but it is full of casual clothing for travelers and casual use. Men care about durability and function, woman about where else can I wear it and how do I look.

I'm not saying that all women are like this, but i do work i an outdoor retail store, so talking to hundreds of people a day for years these are my personal observations.

and on down jackets to men and women. woman's are always less warm because women want them more fitted and to look less "puffy". believe me I know. its minus 40 up here and I have sold a few coats in my time.