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Industrial Design student project: Sustainable Backpack: Questionnaire
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.. on 04/07/2006 16:22:47 MDT Print View


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Re: Industrial Design student project: Sustainable Backpack: Questionnaire on 04/09/2006 00:07:24 MDT Print View


Daniel Roberts
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Re: Industrial Design student project: Sustainable Backpack: Questionnaire on 04/12/2006 22:02:11 MDT Print View

Wow, a SCAD student on here. Just had a guy from there speak in one of my cinema classes at Clayton State. Awesome idea for the project though.

1. 10-16 lbs depending on season
2. I've built them up enough carrying my school backpack everywhere that I don't notice it anymore, but shoulders will be the #1 answer.
3. Not really sure, it's homemade so it's pretty much just how I want it. Storage that's accesible without stopping and taking the pack off is very important to me.
4. Pretty much. I keep things in certain areas, and similar things are grouped in plastic bags.
5. My bag doesn't weigh a pound and definitely not two, so I'm guessing you're talking in the 4-6 lb range. That would be quite a concession, but as long as it was reasonably durable and comfortable, probably.
6. Um... If you can find an eco friendly version of .2oz cuben fabric, you can quit SCAD and get a job anywhere.
6. Sometimes, but my bag is water resistant
7. Of course not, I'm an American! :) Yeah, somewhat.
8. Not on a systematic basis, but I do tend to pick up way more than my share of trash, but now that you mention it, I should probbably look into it. Oh, I am a member of the Misouri Conservation Soceity.
9. N/A
10. Given my current state as a working student, yeah.
11. See 10
12. 22
13. Video Editor
14. Photography, Movies, Cars, Cooking (did he say cars? you bet!)

Good luck on your project.