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Alcohol Stoves: Best Simmer Design?
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Javan Dempsey

Locale: The-Stateless-Society
Alcohol Stoves: Best Simmer Design? on 01/04/2010 10:57:42 MST Print View

Ok so, I've been making different can stoves and such left and right, and obviously there are ten million variations on the theme.

So I've settled on taking two can-type stoves with me at a time. Not really an issue considering the size and weight. I feel like having two specialized stoves is advantageous, especially since I do more than just boiling water. To that end I'm using a penny stove or a regular pressurized can stove.

My question however is this: Which design have people found to be the best for simmering? I know that the open well type can stove works great as a dual purpose stove, but I'm looking for the most efficient design for low-medium heat?

Having two stoves available at once is priceless for more in-depth cooking, and I can fit two down in my pot anyway. Any ideas? Thanks!

Connie Dodson
(ConnieDodson) - F

Locale: Montana
simple simmer on 01/04/2010 13:01:18 MST Print View

Zelph at has his "BudLyte Super Stove" he lists for sale at eBay:

I have two, one an alcohol stove and the other a white gas stove.

I also have a simmer ring he suggested. It is a simple design.

The simmer ring is simple to use.

It requires a little experience with your stove, pot, windscreen to determine where you set it in advance.

The stoves are excellent.

Having a white gas option in a 1 oz. soda can stove design I think is a first.

Check it out. Maybe one stove will do what you want.

SUPER STOVE: clockwise alcohol stove, white gas stove and simmer attachment

I am making titanium caldera clones for two different small titanium pots for these two sweet stoves. I will be doing my experimenting on Mt. Hood snow because the mountain is here and I live in the mountains of Montana.

I expect I will stay with this two stove system, to have the most available cooking options, but we will see.

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Keith Selbo
(herman666) - F - M

Locale: Northern Virginia
Simmer Stove on 01/05/2010 21:29:36 MST Print View

This is a simmer only stove. I haven't timed it, but It will simmer a good LONG time. That's the usual two soda can bottoms. It's filled with fiberglass insulation and that's a half inch hole in the top. It can be throttled somewhat by a penny.simmer stove

simmer stove with penny

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boba fett
(hiflyer) - F
just a regular penny with simmer ring on 02/14/2010 20:37:28 MST Print View

regular penny with the standard simmer ring = 1 hour, 15 min flame off 1.75 oz of alcohol ;)

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Javan Dempsey

Locale: The-Stateless-Society
Re: just a regular penny with simmer ring on 02/14/2010 21:46:39 MST Print View

thanks man, I'm waaay beyond this now though.


Kevin Beeden
(captain_paranoia) - F

Locale: UK
anything interesting to report...? on 02/15/2010 12:44:23 MST Print View

> thanks man, I'm waaay beyond this now though.

Anything interesting to report from where you are now?

James Wyrwicki
(jim1233988) - MLife
Budlyte Stove Simmer Ring on 02/15/2010 18:16:25 MST Print View

it seems the video on the simmer ring is no longer working. It looks like you just cut a section of a beer can bottle. How tall is it and do you use two different sized simmer rings for the two stoves? I ordered one today and can not wait to test it out.

Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

Re: Budlyte Stove Simmer Ring on 02/16/2010 18:10:35 MST Print View

I'll make a video tomorrow that will show how the simmer ring works. It will be of the type shown up above in the photo. The one in the youtube video was a prototype and I did not feel comfortable making that design available for use with the stove.

Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

Re: Re: Budlyte Stove Simmer Ring on 02/18/2010 19:43:44 MST Print View

Didn't have time to do the video but got some photos. The ring is made from an aluminum bottle. After a boil is achieved, the flame goes out, refuel, light, place ring over stove, put pot back on, simmer.



James Wyrwicki
(jim1233988) - MLife
simmer ring on 02/23/2010 18:59:39 MST Print View

looks easy enough to make. get stove by the way. perfect flame the entire time.