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Long Haul Gear list
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Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: Long Haul Gear list on 02/22/2010 23:21:28 MST Print View


You already have received a lot of feedback. But since I am sitting in front of my computer with some "writer's block" for a project I am working on, thought I would go through your list.

Even though you might use every item, I always look at things from the vantage point of: are they really necessary.

So here goes...

I would dump
- Minty Boost
- Solar charger
- MP3
- PDA Phone
- Batteries
I have never needed any of these. But I am sure lots of folks are going to consider them necessities.

- Nylon rope: in a pinch, I use my tent cords. Oops... you have no tent or other shelter? If the hammock provides rain shelter, use the cords from it in emergencies.

I rarely hike at night, or hike at night when there is a bright moon, so I can get by with a Photon.

Trowel, other implements available along the trail. Except in some areas they are required and sometimes checked by rangers.

Some duplication here:
- Tee
- Merino top
- Safari shirt
I can normally get by with just one, two at the most.

Flip flops not needed with some nice breathable trail runners.

Okay, I see you changed the jacket.

Gloves @ 5.1 oz. I can get by down below freezing with light SmartWool liners and eVent mitts.

Hiking shoe - already covered by others.

Emergency Ponco: You already have a jacket. Plus these don't work well as emergency shelters.

Orange vest: what purpose? If it is hunting season, I hike somewhere else :)

Pee bottle: for spring & fall hiking? not needed, go outside. If is necessitated because of the hammock, then I see the hammock as inconveniet :)

Beacon: for spring and fall? No. Maybe if you might get swept away by an avalanche. Of course I will open up a debate with that statement :)

Hand warmers: for spring and fall. No. You already have gloves.

Bear spray: Maybe in grizzly country. Not needed for black bears, IMO.

Paper towels in kitchen? No.

Hydration Bladder: You already have a couple platys.

Water filter: I have never understood this. Chemicals have done me well for 40 years.

Bear cannister: only if required by regulation. Otherwise it is stealth camping, bag hanging or Ursack for me.

Knife: I have been using a Classic for decades.

- Advil works fine for me. Only need one kind of this medicine.
- Salt?
- Anti-histamine? Never took any hiking or even use it at home. Maybe if one has alergies of some sort.
- Sting eze: never took any. Bee stings and others go away in a day or two.
- Deordorant: you got to be kidding. Especially in bear country.
- q-tips? Never even thought about bringing these. Can't see any purpose... but I could be wrong. Only time I use them is to clean the track ball on my computer.
- Safety pins: don't even own any.
- Razor: No.
- Comb: No.
- Shaving oil: No.
- Paper towels: you already have some TP.
- UL Saw? Um... with the wood stove and other stuff, there are lighter alternatives. Plus I hate dealing with the black on pots from wood fires.
- Mini Pliers: No.
- Back up light? Have you ever needed it?
- Carabiners: For what?

- 3 oz of stuff sacks? How many do you have and for what? You have a water proof liner. A couple cuben sacks for minor organization weigh about 1/2 oz.

- Pack: 32 oz: There are probably lighter alternatives, depending on the capacity you need.

- Hammock: No use trying to change the mind of a hammock devotee :) but really, that is a lot of weight.

Sleeping bag: 31 oz for spring and fall. Probably lighter options. My 32F Nunatak weighs 15.8 oz, and handles most of my spring and fall camping.

End of List.

Well, that was fun.

Take care.

- Nick

Keith Selbo
(herman666) - F - M

Locale: Northern Virginia
Re: Waistpack? on 03/16/2010 14:11:46 MDT Print View

Why a 6 oz. waistpack? Couldn't pants pockets handle a few items, and your pack the rest?

Nylon rope?

Bladder when you have a Platty?


Good questions.

I put some light items in the pockets, but anything heavy and they start chafing my legs. Now the new convertible trousers I just bought are made of a smoother material, so I might be able to put more heavy items like a camera in the pockets.

I use the rope (line might be a better term) to hang my bear bag.

I haul dirty water with the Platty. The bladder only sees water that's been purified.

I like my electronics. My philosophy is: It's about going light, not going without. That's just me. I love the MP3, especially when somebody's snoring.

Edited by herman666 on 03/16/2010 14:18:49 MDT.