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3,06 oz. ikea woodstove
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(RogerDodger) - F

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... on 03/16/2012 13:22:11 MDT Print View


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Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - M

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: Re: Making rocks black and ground sterile is not LNT . . . on 03/16/2012 13:45:12 MDT Print View

I'm not a biologist of any kind, but from my personal experience that is not true. I always see poison oak growing out of old ashes and I have seen saplings growing directly out of old, abandoned steel fire rings. If it's actually scorching all of the nutrients in the dirt, crush up the coals into a powder by stomping, scatter them, and kick up the dirt a bit, mix it around.
But maybe I'm wrong, or maybe I am right and it's all propaganda.

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(RogerDodger) - F

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. . . on 03/16/2012 14:10:53 MDT Print View


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Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: Re: MYOG Ikea Stove vs rock fire pit on 03/16/2012 14:52:49 MDT Print View

"I gathered a bunch of stones and rocks in a circle (firepit style) put the wood fuel source in the middle, then the pot on top of the rocks. "

You don't need any rocks. Rock rings are are meant to designate a fire pit they do little in terms of helping the fire. Unless you build up a tall wall of rocks which almost no one does. Clear a spot of duff and place your pot on or next too the coals not on rocks. Better yet buy a wood stove. They help capture and direct the heat of a small fire and make it more efficient.

Devon Cloud

Locale: Southwest
Nice on 04/23/2012 16:03:53 MDT Print View

Okay so the system is bigger than the pot... I am just wondering if that causes boil times to be reduced? also, that ring that was make for the bottom to increase air flow... can another ring be made for the top that will better seat the pot to add a better chimney affect? Also, check out the firefly design... notches are cut on the top to increase the air flow, and some wires can be strung across the top so that smaller pots can be made. Seems like it would be a good addition to this system so that you would not need the large holes on either side (which to me would mean a lot of heat escaping rather than heating up the pot). If a fuel hole could be cut in the side but still leave the upper ring in tact with six notches cut out of them for air flow, to me that would seem more efficient?

Whoever came up with this idea is genius by the way :)

Greg Pehrson
(GregPehrson) - MLife

Locale: playa del caballo blanco
modification using stainless steel mesh drain cover on 08/12/2012 13:08:18 MDT Print View

Inspired by this stove and the mesh floor in Colin Krusor's rollup stove (found here:, I thought that maybe a stainless steel sink drain cover would work to create a false floor that would allow airflow up under the woodfire without having to balance the stove on a separate piece that makes it less stable. The mesh has a 4.5" diameter while the opening is 4.75", so it's held in place with two titanium stakes.


I got to try it out the other day while camping on one of the Boston Harbor Islands, one of the few places in the area where you can still have a fire on a beach. We had a little fire for roasting hot dogs that was dug down in the sand and had a windblock around three sides, but was still blowing horizontally, to give you an idea of the wind. Meanwhile, the little IKEA woodstove worked great--just a handful of sticks and it got my mac and chili boiling. Every couple minutes I lifted the pot off and dropped a few more little sticks in. Everything burned to ash.


Perhaps in less windy conditions there would need to be an opening cut in the side, but the uncut caddy worked great for me, and couldn't be easier to put together.

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Timo Anttalainen

Locale: Finland, Espoo
My ikea wood stove on 08/12/2012 14:13:59 MDT Print View

This desing i use now. It is bigger and i can store my matches and cotton balls between stove and a pot. Works very well!

William Cirino
Largest pot that will fit inside. on 03/12/2014 23:08:41 MDT Print View

Yes I'm dragging this post out of the dark corner of the forum to ask a question. What is the largest pot that will fit inside an ikea stove without
Making a slot in the side to clear the handle.. Is there a 1L pot out there that will fit in with the handle folded? Titanium is my first choice but if there is a aluminum pot that works well, I'm game.

I'm going to try the Siege stove cross bars to see how I like them, anyone out there use them yet?


rick .

Locale: NYC
now 2.99, in store only on 03/12/2014 23:40:35 MDT Print View

Thanks for dredging this up! I was having a "I think I need a wood stove" moment already.

To try to answer your question, the diameter is listed here (there are two heights, both 4 3/4 dia) just compare that to your pot.

The hole is worthwhile though, it allows airflow and a place to insert more sticks as they burn down (which will definitely happen before a boil)

William Cirino
Nothing in hand. on 03/12/2014 23:56:20 MDT Print View

It's a little trickier than that. I have seen a number of measurements for the ikea caddy. From 4 3/4 to 4 11/16ths out side diameter. The pot I'm using at the moment is larger than that. Most of the pots I see measured are inside diameter and don't take into consideration the handle and handle hinge outside.

I am going to add a feeder hole but not near the top, more towards the bottom. I would like to keep the top few inches un cut. The Siege stove supports will keep the stove nice and high for good draw. I have made a number of hobo stoves over the years and the higher pot position seems to work best for me.

rick .

Locale: NYC
measurements on 03/13/2014 16:29:25 MDT Print View

I guess you'll have to solicit measurements from people who own pots you think are close.

The wall thickness is no more than 1/8" so a published interior can have 1/4" added to it to get to a max.

The handle brackets are another issue entirely, I don't think my oilcan mug would even fit without some modification to this thing to clear handles.

I plan to just make it simple and use a wider pot, with some manner to hold the pot off the top 1/2" or so. With a stoker hole. This will be a pair of snips and test kind of stove, at $3 invested, that's the amount of planning I intend to put in. Stove rides inside of pot when stored (yes, my pot will get ashy, I'll survive).

Edit: I picked up one of each today, here's the measurements. 4 1/2" exactly inside clear. The top has a 1/8" roll on it.

The weight of the 5 1/8" high is 4.64oz. The 7" high is 6.16oz.

ikea hobo stove

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rick .

Locale: NYC
Dimesions and photo added on 03/15/2014 14:51:44 MDT Print View

Added measurement/photo above. New post, so William and others watching get a notification.

With the top roll cut off you'll see an inside diameter of 4-5/8" +/- 1/16"