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My 3 Season Gear List
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Justin Tremlin
(notu) - F

Locale: Central Washington
My 3 Season Gear List on 12/12/2009 10:39:38 MST Print View

ArcTeryx Cierzo 35L w/Z-Lite Back Foam 21.2 oz
ThermaRest Z-Lite (6/7th Cut) 11.0 oz
Marmot Hydrogen Custom Quilt/Half Bag 19.2 oz
Sea to Summit SN240 Stuff Sack XS 0.6 oz
MSR E-Wing 6.7 oz
MSR E-Bivy 9.0 oz
6 MSR Needle 2.0 oz
Sea to Summit SN240 Stuff Sack XXS 0.4 oz
Black Diamond Contour 16.9 oz
- Athletic Tape (On Trekking Poles) n/a
- Duct Tape (On Trekking Poles) n/a
CamelBak Podium Bottle 2.8 oz
CamelBak Podium Bottle(w/MSR cap) 3.0 oz
MSR HyperFlow 8.1 oz
MSR Packtowel Ultalight 1.8 oz
MSR Spork 0.5 oz
BackpackingLight Firelite Ti Esbit Wing Stove 0.5 oz
Snowpeak 450 Ti Mug 2.4 oz
Aluminium Lid 0.4 oz
Insulated (polyester) Milar Feed Bag 0.6 oz
Esbit Solid Fuel Block (6) 3.0 oz
OR Helium Ditty Bags - Small 0.4 oz
Black Diamond Ion 1.0 oz
Bruton Mini Compass 1.2 oz
Map of Area 0.7 oz
Trango Piranha Knife 0.7 oz
Tooth Paste/Msr Pack Soap In Contact Case 1.4 oz
First Aid Kit 3.8 oz
- Hurricane Matches (10) 0.4 oz
- Ear Plugs Nil
- Cut Handle Toothbrush 0.2 oz
- Short Role Of Gauze 0.3 oz
- Wide Role Of Gauze 0.3 oz
- Tweezers 0.3 oz
- Irrigation Syringe Nil
- Benzoin Tinture 0.1 oz
- Antibiotic Ointment Nil
- Butterfly Bandages (4) Nil
- Band-Aids (2) Nil
- 2nd Skin (2) 0.5 oz
- 8ply Surgical Sponge 0.2 oz
- 12ply Gauze Sponge 0.2 oz
- Allergy Medication Nil
Marmot Mica 7.1 oz
Arc'teryx Atom LT 12.7 oz
Salomon Moto Tech SS 4.8 oz
MSPT Socks 1.5 oz
Patagonia Capilene 3.8 oz
Black Diamond Beanie 2.5 oz
OR Helium Ditty Bags - Large 0.6 oz
Nuun Tube 0.6 oz
Sea to Summit SN240 Stuff Sack XXS 0.4 oz

Base Weight 9lb 11.8oz

Water (48fl.oz) 48.7 oz
Mary Janes Mac & Cheese w/Peas 6.4 oz
Mary Janes Chilli Mac 3.5 oz
Mary Janes Spuds w/Spinach & Cheese 7.0 oz
Mary Janes Organic Indian Rice 2.9 oz
Bumble Bee Albicore Tuna, Lemon Pepper 7.8 oz
Dryed Figs 7.0 oz
Lanjagger 6.0 oz
Clif Blok Orange packet 2.4 oz
Clif Shot Mocha packet 2.4 oz
Nuun tab 1.2 oz
Clif Shot French Vanilla Recovery Drink packet 1.5 oz
Clif Shot Crisp Apple Electrolyte Drink packet 1.5 oz
Ceyanne Pepper & Oregano 0.3 oz

Consumable Weight 6lb 2.6oz

Patagonia Cap 2.1 oz
Oakley Juliet 1.6 oz
Salomon Moto Tech SS 4.3 oz
Patagonia Capilene 3.2 oz
Mountain Hardwear Mesa Convertible 14.4 oz
MSPT Socks 1.5 oz
Salomon XT Wings 13.7 oz
Stevens Pass Handkerchief 1.4 oz

"On Body" Weight 2lb 10.2oz

Skinned-out Weight 18lb 8.6oz

Edited by notu on 12/12/2009 10:47:42 MST.

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Re: My 3 Season Gear List on 12/12/2009 15:34:04 MST Print View

1) 17oz is a lot for hiking poles. The Gossamer Gear poles are 7oz for a pair of adjustable ones or 5oz for fixed length ones. You may want to consider lighter poles because you are swinging these as you hike so it's a bad spot to have extra weight. Also I would move these to carried weight instead of including them in your base weight.

2) Replacing that 8oz MSR filter with some Aquamira Tablets (1oz) would save you hassle and 7oz.

3) You might want to try BPL's Thorofare pants. At 4oz, they are a solid 10oz lighter than your MHW pants. I got some this summer and they blew me away.

Edited by dandydan on 12/12/2009 15:34:36 MST.

Justin Tremlin
(notu) - F

Locale: Central Washington
Klear Water? on 12/13/2009 00:30:01 MST Print View

Thank you for the heads up. I put the poles in my base weight because I rarely have them off my pack (they are mainly tent poles and back up for my bad knee). As for the Aquamira, what do you think of Klear Water. According to the data it's faster and a little easier to use. Also, pre-filters. I was thinking about putting a SteriPEN Water Bottle Pre-Filter on one of my bottles (I would gain 5g over the MSR one used for the water filter).

Edited by notu on 12/13/2009 15:09:16 MST.

(onthecouchagain) - MLife

Locale: Sunny SoCal
some stuff on 12/14/2009 20:33:23 MST Print View


Look into the ULA amigo h20 system or at least the pre-filter, and to add GossamerGear adjustable carbon poles would work perfect with your tent/tarp and save about 12 1/2oz to boot.


Joseph Morrison
(sjdm4211) - F

Locale: Smokies
Re: My 3 Season Gear List on 12/14/2009 22:00:16 MST Print View

If the trekking poles are for just in case and for setting up your shelter than whats the point in carrying anything. Wouldn't it make sense to just find a couple of sticks on the side of the trail if needed or when you get to camp to set up your shelter? Plus you are adding more than a pound to your pack putting more pressure on your bad knee. Am I right?

I personally think trekking poles are a waste of money.


Justin Tremlin
(notu) - F

Locale: Central Washington
My knees hurts if I place it wrong. on 12/15/2009 18:13:45 MST Print View

My knees hurts if I place it wrong. I can hike for days without a problem, then I will step down wrong and I'm toast. It doesn't matter how much weight I carry (I've done it with nothing on my back). I usually end up using them every other trip. As for using sticks/branches, I would rather not. most of my hiking is done in wilderness and I don't want to have to rely on something I found in the woods (good idea though). I think I will go with the Gossamer Gear poles. Has any of you used them. how good are the expansion nuts. how strong are they (will I break them just looking at them?).

Edited by notu on 12/15/2009 18:15:24 MST.

Andy Berner
(Berner9) - MLife

Locale: Michigan
Re: My knees hurts if I place it wrong. on 12/15/2009 18:25:43 MST Print View

Do a search on trekking poles. The gossamer gear poles will come up every thread as one of the best if not the best every time. Ive tripped over them many times and I'm not a small guy. They hold up well. The expansion nuts have never given me a problem either.

Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Re: My 3 Season Gear List on 12/15/2009 18:29:02 MST Print View

"I personally think trekking poles are a waste of money."

And I will defend to the death your right to hold this opinion!

Welllllllllllll, maybe not to the death.......

Anyway, the poles are a godsend for me. They help me up steep hills, have prevented me from falling, save my knees a bit on steep descents, hold up my mid really well (while saving me from having to look for just the right height stick after a very long day on the trail when I just want to get my shelter set up), and weigh next to nothing! (I've got the Lightreks). I often carry them instead of 'planting' them when on level ground, but even then I'm swinging them in cadence and (I like to believe) creating a bit of momentum even then!