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Light weight down jackets, how warm are they?
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Jolly Green Giant
(regultr) - MLife

Re: PHD Ultra Down Pullover on 12/12/2009 18:43:58 MST Print View

If PhD only made their products in XXL I'd give them a shot...but instead I pay through the teeth for Nunatak.

Paddy Wacker
(Paddywacker) - F
PHD Ultra Down Pullover on 12/12/2009 18:52:52 MST Print View

From PHD's website:

"XXL & XXXL are available for certain items on request, and so are simple modifications between sizes (e.g. Medium width combined with Large length). Please contact us for details"

Julian Thomas
(jtclicker) - F
phd 900 fill power on 12/13/2009 02:05:36 MST Print View

from the phd webby - I REALLY doubt these guys use dodgey material, despite not being in the US, they are up there with the best... (still waiting for my ul pullover!)

Down is magical stuff and none more so than this wonderful goose down, the best we have ever seen in fifty years of making down gear. Just handling it was exciting from the start and all our tests have confirmed its exceptional quality. So special is it that it has enabled us to offer our lightest ever gear without losing performance—in fact in some cases the gear is both lighter AND warmer than before.

* 900 A goose down of unique quality with exceptionally large lively clusters. Tested in 2007, then introduced in 2008 in a limited range of items. There will be more 900 products in the future, but it will take us a little time to evaluate the full possibilities of this resource.

Normally we expect a fillpower variation of around 3% up or down, as down is an organic product which can vary. For example we find that our 700 down can register between 680 and 730 at different times. With the 900 the lowest test figure we have recorded on our Lorch machine is less than half of 1% below 900 and the average is well over.
"With our new 900 down the lowest figure we have recorded on our Lorch test machine is less than half of 1% below 900 and the average is well over."

The figures are exceptional in themselves: 900 fillpower. But essential though they are, the fillpower tests just give us a first quick check. For anyone experienced with down, just handling the large lively clusters of the 900 raised exciting possibilities which called out to be proved in the form of actual sleeping bags and clothing. And as soon as we started making them, the results were obvious. The difference between our 700 and 800 down is considerable. The difference between the 800 and 900 was startling.

Whenever we filled one of our standard jackets or bags with the calculated equivalent weight of 900 down, it was well overstuffed. At this point we were forced to reconsider. To allow this down to deliver its full potential we had to look at each of the products involved individually and to change design specifications where necessary. Here's a summary of our new 900-down products.

Remember that our figures are based on the standard Lorch test as approved by the International Down and Feather Bureau. These figures are roughly 4% more conservative than US Federal tests, as quoted by some other manufacturers.

Jolly Green Giant
(regultr) - MLife

Re: PHD Ultra Down Pullover XXL and XXL on 12/13/2009 06:49:42 MST Print View

@ Paddy....I've asked about this and their response is "not at this time" with no definite schedule for modifications, XXL's or larger to be actually available. Right now I'd chaulk this up to marketing and not reality. If it becomes a reality, I'd be happy to take a second look.

John Haley
(Quoddy) - F

Locale: New York/Vermont Border
Re: Re: PHD Ultra Down Pullover on 12/13/2009 06:54:15 MST Print View

I posted before seeing your latest post... which makes my glowing report on their pullover irrelevant for your case.

Edited by Quoddy on 12/13/2009 06:58:45 MST.

>> Bender <<
(Bender) - MLife

Locale: NEO
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Light weight down jackets, how warm are they? on 12/16/2009 20:02:28 MST Print View

I received my medium Mountain Hardwear Nitrous and its a perfect fit. I was very concerned about fit so I'm glad I went with this one. Weight without stuff sack is not bad at all at 9.9oz. I was outside at 25 degrees with only a t-shirt and the jacket, oh yeah and some pants. So far it seems plenary warm. The only minor thing I would change is the cuffs. They have elastic to make a seal but it doesn't quite seal on me. If I had gloves on it would be just fine. It also has only 1 zipper pocket but for me its not a big deal. I think this is going to be a very flexible piece of clothing.

Edited by Bender on 12/16/2009 20:03:56 MST.