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Great deal at Moab and iShopUSA or a Trap?
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Alexander Sergheev
(Wayfarer) - F
Great deal at Moab and iShopUSA or a Trap? on 12/04/2009 11:53:50 MST Print View have a lot of interesting offers
like for 100 $

We've made an order at Moab with some camping equipment.

- As we didn't have American credit Card we've lost free shipping (Though we shipped goods within th US! )

- The other thing that we've been extra charged per additional weight.
Shipping and Handling (Standard):$58.86
Pretty much for shipping some clothes and 2 summer sleeping bags.

- After payment via Paypal link that they had send to me we've receive confirmation letter that order is processed :
'Your order has been successfully processed!
The amount of time it takes for items to arrive at our warehouse varies between 5-7 business days. Once we receive your item and inspect them they will be shipped out to you. At this time we will email you with a tracking number.'

The transaction was made through Moab companion iShopUsa. We had only several emails replayed by their automate system and ane replied by the custumer support representative. Sicnce that time we didnt got any replies for our further emails(We could reach their phone customer support, there was always answering machine. Anyway we've placed several messages in their system but also - no feedback at all!)
As the result the order was submitted and confirmed by theirs system on the 5th of October and since that time we didn't manage to get any updated information about this order!
Current status is on their web site is :
Order Number Time of Order Grand Total Status Tracking Number
1165491 2009-11-04, 00:36 $250.70 In transit to warehouse

Month left and it still not arrived to iShopUsa warehouse , they don’t reply to my letters for a 2 weeks .

We've tried to find some information regarding our order through Moab customer support but it was also in vain!

They've told that they couldn't track these orders, but I don't see common sence here as we were forwarded from their site and they are partners - so there should be some possible ways to handle such situations!
Any suggestion?

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Ian Rae
(iancrae) - F

Locale: North Cascades
Re: Great deal at Moab and iShopUSA or a Trap? on 12/04/2009 12:21:34 MST Print View

Sounds like you should contact your bank (or paypal) and file a dispute. The timelines vary, but you only have so much time to file a dispute after they charged your card.

Also, any emails you have send may be useful to show that you have been trying to contact them. Hopefully you still have those.

Good luck, and get on it before your time runs out!

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Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: Great deal at Moab and iShopUSA or a Trap? on 12/04/2009 13:28:35 MST Print View

File complaint with Paypal immediately.


Natasha S
(PhDHiker) - F
Moabs legit on 12/05/2009 20:56:35 MST Print View

I've placed a hand full of orders within the last 6 months through Moab sports without any problems, but I live here in the US. I got the free shipping and they shipped out my items within 1-3 days and arrived within a week. I have emailed their customer service before and they got back to me immediately to address an issue I had and in fact offered me a credit for the inconvenience. I have never heard of ishopUSA. Why did you not order directly through Moab? iShopUSA could have ripped you off and Moab can't do anything about it since they have no record of your order through this other company. Good luck!