WTB: BD Firstlight or Lighthouse
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Eric De Paoli
(EricD) - F

Locale: EricD
WTB: BD Firstlight or Lighthouse on 11/26/2009 23:12:41 MST Print View

Hello everyone,

I'm in the market for a used Black Diamond Firstlight tent, or Lighthouse tent. Please e-mail me at:


If you have on for sale, and we can work out the details there.


Richard Lyon
(richardglyon) - MLife

Locale: Bridger Mountains
Lighthouse on 11/27/2009 07:53:20 MST Print View

Ed, The Lighthouse is on sale at backcountry.com, if you want a new one.

Eric De Paoli
(EricD) - F

Locale: EricD
Thanks on 11/27/2009 08:48:06 MST Print View

Thanks, But I'm looking for a used one, as I can't afford a new one completely (poor university student).

David Neumann
(idahomtman) - M

Locale: Northern Idaho
BD Firstlight available on 11/28/2009 08:40:18 MST Print View

Sent email.

Nicholas Miller
(nmiller08) - F

Locale: Montana
new $257 on 11/30/2009 12:37:21 MST Print View

Even though you're looking for a used one, campsaver.com has the lighthouse (and the vestibule) at 40% off. The Skylight too ($280-something) for anyone who might be interested. Just in case you don't run into a used one that fits the bill, $257 seems pretty good. Good luck,

Eric De Paoli
(EricD) - F

Locale: EricD
E-mail on 11/30/2009 23:16:50 MST Print View

Dave, I don't believe I have received your e-mail.

Kirk Taylor
(mtr123) - F

Locale: Western U.S.
Re: WTB: BD Firstlight or Lighthouse on 12/08/2009 17:27:58 MST Print View

I have a BD Firstlight I would sell if you are still interested. My e-mail is dcataylor@comcast.net. I sent you an e-mail a few days ago, but I didn't get a response. I will send it again.

Kirk Taylor