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Montane Air jacket
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Erik Sund
(sundek) - F
Montane Air jacket on 03/24/2006 11:58:06 MST Print View

Field and Trek, an English outfit, has the Montane Air jacket on sale for £84.99, which is a pretty darn good price as I see it. The catch is that they won't ship to the US. Drats. I'm thinking about seeing if I can send the money to a friend's sister who lives in London, but then things start to get complicated and I'm not sure it's worth the effort. I'm posting here in the hope that someone else might be able to benefit. Here's the link:

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Andy Dixon
(sideshowandy) - F
more UK Montane deals... on 03/27/2006 00:48:48 MST Print View

another UK outdoor chain has the Montane event smock at £80 (plus a couple of other event jackets reduced by 50%)

according to their mailing page, they do ship to the USA - orders up to £200 charge is £20....

David Couch
(Davidc) - F

Locale: England
UK shipping charges on 03/27/2006 02:14:04 MST Print View

If a UK resident buys from a UK retailer, the price quoted will include a "value added tax" of 17.5%. If the same item is ordered from (and shipped to) USA that tax does not have to be charged, though most retailers will only deduct it if asked, and some not even then.

Always ask about this and shop elsewhere if they won't deduct it.


Jon Solomon
(areality) - F - MLife

Locale: Lyon/Taipei
Re: Montane Air jacket on 03/28/2006 05:51:38 MST Print View

That Field & Trek deal is pretty good.

Travellers may choose to take note:

The Montane Air jacket has been available in Taiwan since it first came out at a price of about US$200.