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Hayduke Trail Hiking Resources Bundle -- shipping on Friday!
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Andrew Skurka
(askurka) - F
Hayduke Trail Hiking Resources Bundle -- shipping on Friday! on 11/11/2009 12:17:50 MST Print View

Hey all –

Wanted to publicize the release of a new hiking aid for the Hayduke Trail, the "Hayduke Trail Hiking Resources Bundle." Odd name, I know, but it truly is a "bundle" of information.

There are four parts to it:
(1) a Handbook, which has three parts: information for "Before You Go," for "As You Go," and, for "As You Go, If You Want" – the last part contains info about the region's history, culture, public policy issues, and natural sciences;
(2) a Water Chart;
(3) a Databook, including data for some of the more popular alternate routes; and
(4) a Mapset developed using National Geographic TOPO! – there is both a 7.5-minute and 30- x 60-minute map series.

The cost for the entire Bundle is $35. When you consider how much time went into developing this information, and when you consider the alternative of developing it yourself -– which, in addition to a lot of time, would require $130+ in mapping software purchases – I think this is an excellent price.

If you are interested in the Bundle, you can read a lot more information about it and purchase it from my website at this page:


Gerald Klamer
(wanderfalke) - F
Hayduke Trail bundle on 11/11/2009 15:11:28 MST Print View

I am just back from a two-months hike on the Hayduke, so I was curious about the contents of Andrew Skurkas bundle.

I must say that I find it very useful and thougtful. Although I don't need it because I already have been there, I will surely go through the informative free sections.

While I have been there, I didn't meet another Hayduke Hiker. So I hope this helpful new tool won't bring masses of hikers there, because one of the best things about the route is the solitude you can find there.

But probably the number of hikers will always be very low, because it is mostly cross country and sometimes you have to carry a lot of water!

Nevertheless I think Andrew has done a good thing to create this bundle, and the price is so low, that his hourly wages will stay at the bottom.