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SuperUltralight 3 Season Gear List
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SuperUltralight 3 Season Gear List on 03/20/2006 15:45:16 MST Print View

SuperUltralight Gear List for 3 Season Outing (does not include food, water or items worn on body)

Items Carried:

1) Gossamer Gear G6 - 3.5 oz
2) BMW Spintarp X-lite - 4.0 oz
3) 6 BMW Lazr Ti Stakes - 1.3 oz
4) 30' GG EZC Guyline - 0.12 oz
5) BMW Vapr Bivy - 6.1 oz
6) Marmot Atom 40F Bag - 16 oz
7) BMW Spinsack nano (sm)for bag - 0.195 oz
8) GG 3/8" Thinlight Pad (torso-sized) - 1.9 oz
9) 2L Platypus Hoser - 3.5 oz
10) 1L Platypus Bottle - 0.8 oz
11) 20 Katadyn Micropur Tablets - 0.28 oz
12) Homemade Minor wounds Kit - 1 oz
13) Sierra Designs Isotope Rain Jacket - 4.6 oz
14) Patagonia Micro Puff Vest - 6 oz
15) Smartwool Light Hiker Socks - 2.5 oz
16) Smartwool Beanie - 1.6 oz
17) PossumDown Gloves - 1.3 oz
18) BMW Spinsack nano (sm) for clothes - 0.195 oz

Total Base Pack Weight -> 54.89 oz = 3.4 lbs

* Items carried in pocket on body: Hand Sanitizer, Compass, Whistle, Micro Photon LED, Razor Blade --> items not included in base pack weight

kevin davidson
(kdesign) - F

Locale: Mythical State of Jefferson
another SUL list and, what? on 03/20/2006 16:05:31 MST Print View

Useless w/o context.
This is not a 3 season list in the West--- more of a late Summer list. Sounds like you are not expecting much in the way of precip ( w/ the semi-waterproof Isotope). It will make for a stuffy windshell, as well.
Not the all-in-one shell of my choice.

Gear List Correction on 03/20/2006 16:24:35 MST Print View

Sorry, I forgot to put this on the gear list but this is a three season gear list for the southeast U.S.

I would have bought a GoLite Virga rain jacket but I don't know if they are even out yet- any suggestions for rain/windproof jackets?

Ryan Faulkner
(ryanf) - F

Locale: Mid atlantic, No. Cal
Re: another SUL list and, what? on 03/20/2006 16:26:12 MST Print View


I like the minimalist fastpacking list.
It could use some work, I just posted a minimal gearlist for the same weight including in clothing, a full wind suit, a full extra base layer, warm hat, extra socks, insul. vest.

You can not always rely on the down gear, so you have to have a clothing list that will keep you warm down to at least 50 or 40 degrees if needed. and yes it must be breathable.

and for a small load your g6 will be too big and will sagg pulling onyour shoulders.
check out the MLD packs

OR zealot jacket?

Edited by ryanf on 03/20/2006 16:28:23 MST.

kevin davidson
(kdesign) - F

Locale: Mythical State of Jefferson
re. gear list correction on 03/20/2006 17:33:00 MST Print View

I've no personal experience in SE conditions, but assuming humidity and primarily trail travel, I would opt for a seperate highly breathable windshell ( Patagonia Houdini, Marmot Ion, something w/ a full zip for maximum venting options) and a UL Poncho ( BMW spinn-lite, Mtn Laurel Design). This combined set up would weigh from 8-11 oz. and would double as your shelter. You would be dialed in for comfort over a broader range of conditions than relying on the Isotope.

Alternatively, you could opt for a Dropstoppers or Rainshield microporous polypropylene rainsuit--- waterproof, highly breathable and it won't break the bank. Don't bushwack in them as they are fragile.