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Cats love 3.7oz Climashield Combat
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Thomas Gauperaa
(gauperaa) - F

Locale: Norway
Cats love 3.7oz Climashield Combat on 10/28/2009 15:56:52 MDT Print View

I'm currently making the minima vest from the kit from

Didn't surprise me that my cat, the 13+ year old Bertha, agrees warmly with my choice of synthetic insulation(purrrrrrr), the 3.7oz Climashield Combat.

Climashield Combat, highly endorsed by cats

Cats have an amazing ability to find the optimal spot for warmth and comfort.

Lucas Boyer
(jhawkwx) - MLife

Locale: 38.97˚N, 95.26˚W
...or sil tarps on 10/29/2009 04:35:24 MDT Print View

I feel your pain. My cat tried to make a bed in my sil tarp as I was sewing it. Cat claws + silnylon = wet night under tarp!

Tom Holbrook
(Zandar) - MLife

Locale: Central Coast of California
3.7 oz. Climashield Compbat on 10/29/2009 10:34:35 MDT Print View


I too have been looking at making the vest, so let me know how things go. Tough spots, things to consider, etc.

Also, how did you decide on the 3.7 oz. Combat insulation?


Donna C
(leadfoot) - M

Locale: Middle Virginia
Re: Cats love 3.7oz Climashield Combat on 10/29/2009 10:35:33 MDT Print View

If it's cat-approved, it's just gotta be good!

Thomas Gauperaa
(gauperaa) - F

Locale: Norway
Re: Cats love 3.7oz Climashield Combat on 10/29/2009 15:03:00 MDT Print View

Tom : Yes, I'll be happy to post about my experiences when I'm done with it. Seems pretty straighforward so far - I haven't even needed to rip any seams yet, but I guess that is inevitable, being the novice that I am. My first project was the Ray-way backpack, which was a challenge, but I'm benefiting from that now, knowing some of the techniques etc.

I selected the 3.7oz Climashield because I thought the default 2.5 Primaloft was going to be too little insulation (especially after looking at this picture), but lately I've been reading that the default is what the designer, AYCE, recommends for optimal drapability etc. Still, I think the Climashield looks and feels quite promising. We'll see how it goes.

Donna: Yes, it definitely got a stamp of approval from my cat :)

Edited by gauperaa on 10/29/2009 15:04:05 MDT.