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MYOG Gear List
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Jamie Shortt
(jshortt) - MLife

Locale: North Carolina
MYOG Gear List on 10/24/2009 06:22:13 MDT Print View

As I explore making my own gear I want to put together a gear list with as many items that I have made myself and use them on a trip.

Here is where I am at:
* Synthetic Jacket = Thru-hiker Kinsman Pullover, 8.0 oz (finished & used)
* Silnylon Minitent = self designed 12.75 oz (finished)
* Kitchen = V8 Can stove, 0.3 oz + Foil Windscreen, 0.2 oz + Heiny Pot, .9 oz (finished & used)
* Down Quilt = self design, but similar to JRB sierra w/o head hole, 20.0 est (in progress)
* Silnylon Pack = Jardine Kit, 9.5 oz (ordered)

I'm curios if anyone else has done this. What are the most items you have made yourself and used at one time? Am I missing anything else to make?


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Matt F
(matt_f) - MLife
myog gear list on 10/24/2009 08:45:49 MDT Print View

Hi Jamie -

Thanks for posting this topic: I like the idea of carrying mostly gear you've made yourself. I've been moving toward carrying mostly MYOG gear for the last year as well: I recently finished a few day section of the superior hiking trail on which i carried a modified Golite Ion, minima vest with hood, alcohol stove, bivy and tarp. On colder trips I bring some thick double layer fleece mittens that I made as well. I just finished a sil-nylon pack and I'm currently in the process of ripping apart my Ion to make some major changes and also will be making a down quilt this winter...designing and making gear has become something of a guilt-free addiction for me. I've learned a lot, and have managed to drop a lot of weight from my pack without spending like crazy. Its amazing how fast sewing skills improve, and how many projects you can pump out with a few yards of sil-nylon or even just scraps scavenged from older gear. I'm also toying with making some drybags that might double as a pillow out of some sil-nylon scraps.

Pretty much all of the projects I listed are fairly mainstream for this board, and would love it if others posted more ideas.


Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
MYOG Gear List on 10/24/2009 13:33:15 MDT Print View

So far I have made a UL frame pack.
Still tweaking it. So far Cuben/sil main compartment, alum frame.

I am going to mod it a bit so I can use an outdoor research 55L dry sack as a main compartment and or switch and swap main bags. Sort of a simple frame system pack.

Tyvek Bivy, that I 95% finished then decided I needed to change the design a bit.

Made a test summer quilt with a velcro and drawstring footbox. DWR nylon and cheap 3/8" insul. Works well.

A lot of storage bags and thats about it so far.

In the ASAP future.....

Also going to built an asym hammock. Thats next like maybe this week along with a garlington tyvek taco and a cuben tarp later. I already have all the materials for this, just need to get on with the program.

New XP summer overquilt to extend a golite ultra 20. Already have the nylon for this.

New or moded tyvek bivy for ground sleeping later on.
Has a side opening, basic tube shape, might put a flap at the foot for vetilation, has a prop up hood. Still have not figured out the netting at the hood, but probably velcroed on.

Have future plans on a 1 pole tarp/bug tent combo that will set up like this. This could also work as a poncho.
The tarp part is 5x12' with a beak. I have already done a test run and its a pretty nice setup. Gonna do a tyvek door on the bug tent for better water control on the open side.

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Lucas Boyer
(jhawkwx) - MLife

Locale: 38.97˚N, 95.26˚W
Kinsman on 10/26/2009 08:32:12 MDT Print View

Jamie, what kind of temps are you expecting to endure w/ your Kinsman? Without getting into a highly subjective debate, I'm exploring insulating layers and don't care much for the price of jackets on the retail market.

Kevin Egelhoff
(kegelhoff) - F

Locale: Southern Cal
Re: MYOG Gear List on 10/26/2009 16:52:37 MDT Print View

My little list of items I have made and use:

Goose Down quilt: good to 10 degrees 21 oz
Cuben Mid shelter for three 18 oz
Cuben/Momentun Bivy 4.8 oz
Hiking poles - fixed length 6 oz/pair
Fanny pack for food and camera 3 oz.
Cozy for FB food/sitting pad 1.6 oz
Cuben Fiber Rain Chaps 1.0 oz

Carbon Fiber Bear Cannister 24.5 oz.
(Don't use this one anymore!)

Lots more to make ... just need more time !!

Jamie Shortt
(jshortt) - MLife

Locale: North Carolina
re: MYOG Gear List on 10/26/2009 19:28:02 MDT Print View

Great list of items...keep them coming. I'm really curious as to how many folks have made a major shift to MYOG gear and what your kit looks like. I think anyone who has successfully made the big 3 and used them is at an advanced level of gear making.

Lucas, As far as the Kinsman I still have to do more testing because I have not used it in its lowest temps. On Ayce calculates the Kinsman to be about equal to PBL cocoon. I figure it will take me down to 32 easily and 20 degrees in a pinch. Realize that I use it as part of a system that looks like this....PBL merino wool LS shirt, fleece cap, fleece gloves, Kinsman, and a WPB Shell (currently a OR Zealot). My Kinsman is using the lightest 1.8 oz primaloft sport. So far I really like this jacket and this says alot as it is replacing my Montbell UL down inner jacket (but the MB down inner is warmer). In coldest temps my plan is to add my Minima Vest (momentum 90 w/3.0 oz primaloft sport).

I would also like to hear about how your MYOG gear lists performed. Anyone take on decent storms in a homemade shelter?


Lucas Boyer
(jhawkwx) - MLife

Locale: 38.97˚N, 95.26˚W
Thanks on 10/26/2009 20:49:35 MDT Print View

Jamie, that helps. I don't like the idea of the one item for warmth, but rather prefer to build a system like you have. I have been using my Patagonia Rainshadow w/ a 200wt fleece pullover combined w/ base layers if need be. The reality is that when it gets coldest, I climb in to bed! When it's warmest I'm hiking and thereby needn't overdress. I'm getting ready to put my new myog tarp to the test and will file a report when I return. Running a sewing machine is addictive. I'm getting ready to sew my bivy tomorrow. I see an insulating layer in my future. Take care.

Kevin, I'd like to hear more about your cuben Mid. (disregard, i found your orig. post.)

Edited by jhawkwx on 10/27/2009 11:24:17 MDT.