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Roman Dial
(romandial) - F - M

Locale: packrafting NZ
Creeking on 10/21/2009 23:10:12 MDT Print View

This last year offered me the opportunity to do a lot of packrafting.

(1) My wife and I went around the world with an extra long one, using it to do long wilderness trips in Alaska, Utah, Patagonia, NZ, Borneo, and Australia.

(2) Boating in groups of up to six we did a couple standard fly-in Alaskan whitewater rivers at one-half or less the cost of doing it with bigger boats or hardshells (the boat will pay for itself if you do enough fly-in trips and travel)

(3) A handful of Class V kayakers climbed into them and we ran steep little creeks, often running laps on the more sporty canyons

(4) My son and I went on a weeklong hunting trip in the Brooks Range

(5) I dropped a couple of waterfalls, one successfully!

Here's a 3 minute video showing the greatest hits in the last three categories
on You Tube

Edited by romandial on 10/21/2009 23:12:56 MDT.

Jerry Cagle
(xclimber) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
Re: Creeking on 02/20/2010 19:06:25 MST Print View

Impressive. I just bought a Yak, but don't think I'll be seeking anything similar anytime soon...!

Philip Delvoie
(PhilipD) - MLife

Locale: Ontario, Canada
Re: Creeking on 02/20/2010 22:18:23 MST Print View

Wow! Inpressive video.

/A .
(biointegra) - MLife

Locale: Puget Sound
Re: Re: Creeking on 02/20/2010 23:06:51 MST Print View

Thanks for the vid!

On point (4), what were you after and did you pack(raft) the quarry out? That would be the first time I've heard of that, but it's a great idea and sounds like it would make for a unique father + son adventure!

Roman Dial
(romandial) - F - M

Locale: packrafting NZ
Re: Re: Re: Creeking on 02/22/2010 16:32:22 MST Print View


We only got ptarmigan -- no 'bou.

I have packed out a moose in the past using a packraft and there's a story of guys who floated out in their packrafts with a dead bison!

Eric Falk
(zerolimit) - F
Very Impressed on 02/22/2010 18:22:44 MST Print View

I'm dying to try one. Hoping to take the packrafting course this summer. Thanks for posting. Love the idea of doing alaska with it. That's sick. Amazing that you're doing it with your wife and son too.