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Sleep Clothes?
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Jace Mullen
(climberslacker) - F

Locale: Your guess is as good as mine.
Sleep Clothes? on 10/21/2009 18:10:23 MDT Print View

I know that Phil. requires seperate sleep clothes, and without getting into the whys of that, what did you take, and how did it work out? Im looking for a lightweight option (should go without saying) that will also be comfy :)


George Geist
(geist) - M

Locale: Smoky Mountains
Re: Sleep Clothes? on 10/21/2009 20:11:05 MDT Print View

My sleep cloths were a 3oz pair of Terramar boxers that I kept packed in my 30 degree sleeping bag until bedtime.

My tent mate (the scout master) slept in his light weight long handles - top and bottoms. About 12oz

Neither of us got cold at night on our July Trek.

Glenn Smith

Locale: Southern Arizona
Re: Sleep Clothes? on 10/21/2009 21:34:33 MDT Print View

Used patagonia capilene long bottoms and long sleeve patagonia capilene top with extra pair of hiking socks I rotated with my other pairs. Finally a lightweight beanie. Used this same combination in 2007 and this year in June/July.

This gives you the option to use these if the temps should require any additional layers. Just don't use them around food!

Wesley Witt

Locale: Northwest
Re: Sleep Clothes? on 10/23/2009 07:44:05 MDT Print View

I took a crew to Philmont this summer. Sleeping clothes was not a requirement and in fact was never even discussed.

Mack Regan
(JRegan12) - F

Locale: Southwest
Simple on 10/25/2009 22:00:21 MDT Print View

A pair of boxers

Jace Mullen
(climberslacker) - F

Locale: Your guess is as good as mine.
thats what I was thinking on 10/26/2009 00:27:38 MDT Print View

Thanks for backing up my decision. Expect to see a hypothetical gear list coming up shortly!


Chris Granger
(stump) - F
Re: Sleep Clothes? on 01/18/2010 19:13:13 MST Print View

i use a base layer thermal pants and a tank top

Conrad Stoll
(cnstoll) - F
Sleep Shirt on 01/30/2010 20:36:17 MST Print View

Really you just need a spare light shirt to substitute for your sweaty one from hiking. If don't sleep with a shirt on, then just a fresh pair of boxers or something along those lines.

Perry Clark
(peterlake) - F
widely variable on 07/08/2010 16:38:36 MDT Print View

Primary consideration--no food smells.

Secondary consideration--no attractant smells.

Third--whatever makes you comfortable.

Remember--other clothes will be in pack, near fire ring, part of the "Bear-muda triangle". (Don't look at me, I didn't come up with the name!)

Unknown abc
(edude) - F
"Sleep Clothes?" on 07/08/2010 16:41:56 MDT Print View

"Secondary consideration--no attractant smells."

that shouldn't be a problem with teenage boys :p lol