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Mt. San Jacinto tomorow
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Timothy Sexton
(Tijos1) - F
Mt. San Jacinto tomorow on 10/09/2009 21:51:20 MDT Print View

temp where I am camping are about 36 degrees in the past couple of nights. I am 6 feet 4 inches tall so all of my gear is for a tall person. I have a golite 20 but I would like to be warm and not cold at night even though I sleep very warm. I plan to hike to the summit from humber park then go to round valley so 11.7 miles. I drink at least 8 liters of water a day and am carying 4 drinking 2 before I leave and 2 when I get to camp. this is what I plan to bring.

Should I go lighter than this or not?

2.2 Oz light
2.8 Oz first aid and hygiene kit

3 Oz aquimira
2.5 Oz 3 platapus

12 Oz ridge rest cut
31 Oz WM Ultralite long 20
7 Oz bivi titanium goat
1 Oz pillow from bpl

1 lb. 9 Oz ula ohm long

2.0 Oz smart wool trail runner socks
9 Oz Montbell UL down jacket
5.7 Oz rain jacket dri ducks
5.5 Oz underwear
3.4 Oz emergency blanket

.9 Oz wallet
1 Oz key to car

total base weight 7 lb. 2.0 Oz

Food and Water 10 lb. 7.2 Oz
8 lb. 12 Oz 4 liter of H2O
1 lb. 11.2 Oz Food

total weight first day
17 lb. 9.2 Oz.

Hikin' Jim
(hikin_jim) - MLife

Locale: Orange County, CA, USA
Sounds Great on 10/13/2009 20:08:02 MDT Print View

Timothy, I'm not sure how long you're going out for (2 days?), but your list looks pretty good. 7lbs range base weight for temps in the 30's is great.

The only thing I might get rid of is the emergency blanket unless you're doing side trips where you won't have your pack with you. I definitely take an e-blanket on day hikes or side trips, but the gear in your pack should do ya. Of course e-blankets are pretty light and you already have a good base weight, so pretty minor issue.

Enjoy the SJ's. Post photos. :)