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Lycian Way
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Hart -
(backpackerchick) - MLife

Locale: Planet Earth
Lycian Way on 10/09/2009 19:11:43 MDT Print View

Has any one tramped this one? Easy walk along the Turkish Coast. Very wing-able for sure. I schemed this earlier in the week and plan on starting in about a week and a half.

Would be interested in hearing from anyone who has done it this time of year! Any gear hints? Anything that came in handy? Turkish language skills are going to be limited but will have a few phrases by then.

If you are interested in the walk:

James Patsalides
( - MLife

Locale: New England
Lycian Way on 10/09/2009 19:26:09 MDT Print View

Hey! Haven't hiked in Turkey, but spent a little time in Cyprus a few years ago. Similar terrain and weather, I suspect. It'll be nice this time of year, maybe even a little chilly at night. The trail looks amazing...

I'd suggest making some plans for self-defense/rapid escape. My mom had some "issues" a couple of years ago as a woman traveling alone on Crete... she used the "crazy woman" defense (started doing a manic dance and pulling at her hair like she was deranged) - I guess it worked, but she was pretty shaken up.

Anyway, sounds like a fab trip... good luck & I'll be looking out for the trip report!

Peace, James.

Diplomatic Mike

Locale: Under a bush in Scotland
Re : Lycian way on 10/09/2009 23:40:25 MDT Print View

I'll agree with something James said. Be careful on your own in Turkey as a single girl. I know of a few females who have had bad experiences there. Western women are thought of as 'easy' and available by some of the local men.

Hart -
(backpackerchick) - MLife

Locale: Planet Earth
This region OK for lady hikers on 10/10/2009 00:33:49 MDT Print View

Thanks you guys. Correct about women in Turkey. But all reports are that the Lycian Peninsula is fine in this respect, just the normal precautions. Resorts, lots of foreigners, women in shorts and bikinis, etc. Hiking this trail in shorts is completely acceptable. This all surprised me as it takes you through small villages constantly.

The website I posted was established by Kate Clow, a British woman in her early 60's ( who has devoted many years to this trail -- getting it up to GR standards -- it's official now! She covers the women thing in her book and on the site. I was surprised to hear that a women traveling single need only exercise the normal precautions -- whatever they are. LOL We have had ongoing correspondence in part because I admire what she has done and want to change my life course. I am not concerned with this aspect in this part of turkey.

On these sort of casual walks, I never find myself alone for long. Hope to visit Kate too. :)

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