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Ultralight Rifle
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Luke Schmidt
(Cameron) - MLife

Locale: The WOODS
Fly Rod on 10/08/2009 07:30:28 MDT Print View

I missed something. Are they seriously expecting people to use this rifle as a fly rod. Seems like it would be very awkard on top of being dangerious. In most states young hunters have to take a safety class where they drill into you the idea that every gun should be treated like its loaded. Swinging this thing around like a fly rod is ridicioulious.

daltrey park
(daltrey) - F
rep: flyrod on 10/08/2009 07:44:43 MDT Print View

Not only that, the receiver is pointing at the person using it. So if it does accidentally go off you would end up shooting yourself.

Edited by daltrey on 10/08/2009 07:55:15 MDT.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Fly Rod on 10/08/2009 07:50:30 MDT Print View

Bet I could catch a lunker trout with that thing...

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
take-down rifle on 10/08/2009 08:03:39 MDT Print View

this would make a much better grouse (rabbit, squirrel, etc) getter

for those really concerned w/ weight- a S&W 317 ~ 10 oz- w/ some diligent practice you could get accurately out to 15-20 yds w/ it

I used to carry a small (but not very light) S&W 629- I always carried some "bird" shot shells w/ it- that made for a pretty effective grouse getter (had to be pretty close)

Christopher Chupka

Locale: NTX
Other Uses on 10/08/2009 08:24:41 MDT Print View

Y'all didn't think about zombies did you? You never know.

Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
For a pound on 10/08/2009 08:27:07 MDT Print View

I would rather carry a browning buckmark pistol with a SUL barrel. Forget who makes the barrels.

Either that or live with the extra weight and carry a marlin papoose.

That pounder is really a cheap looking rig and expensive. Guess it would be fine for a survival rifle though. If I knew I had to feed myself with a rifle, I would want something better.

Dewey Riesterer
(Kutenay) - F
Racist??? on 10/08/2009 08:36:48 MDT Print View

My comments were made from the perspective of one with both decades in professional resource management in British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and N.W.T. AS WELL AS extensive experience here in VANCOUVER, B.C., where my direct family ancestors were among the first pioneers, in the private security field. They were simply FACTUAL and based on what is happening here and were NOT ...racist... or ...bigoted... in ANY respect.

It is SO easy to whine about "racism" today and it so often conceals a motive quite different from the one supposedly concerned. My CLOSEST friend, here, is a Hispanic-Asian, born just after his family immigrated to B.C. from an Asian nation; we just had lunch at our favourite Chinese restaurant yesterday.

I did not even come close to mentioning the specious term, "white" and my comments were based on a concern for the loss of the traditional freedoms we have enjoyed in the British Commonwealth and the U.S.A., ALL of which are under severe attack at present by both external and internal forces.....leading to societies more akin to those we saved freedom from 65 years ago. NOW, I am not going to pursue this, further, BUT, I WILL NOT be attacked by ANYONE on such a false and self-pitying basis, get it?

The comment about the rifle is based on shooting for over 50 years, owing about 150 guns during much of that time and actually using a gun for an employment tool. I also managed a retail gun store and do much of my own "gunsmithing" at home.

I HAD an AR-7 in the early '70s, actually USED it in the B.C. north and it WAS JUNK and totally unsuited for so called "survival" purposes. This item would be exactly the same and one reason is the difference in co-efficient of friction between the metals used in it's construction.

Anyway, that is my point and I will drop further comments concerning the very troublesome shootings here in B.C., IF, I am not subjected to further inchoate, untrue and offensive remarks.

Dewey Riesterer
(Kutenay) - F
Ruffie? on 10/08/2009 08:48:19 MDT Print View

BTW, in the event that anyone here is actually concerned with lightweight hunting and thus with proper identification of species.

This is a rather important issue where compliance with wildlife laws is concerned; the bird shown in the photo on Ryan's report is NOT, as his text mentions, a "Ruffed Grouse", "Bonasa Umbellus", it is actually a "Blue Grouse", "Dendragapus Obscurus" and is, while still a "Gallinaceous" bird, a different species.

Edited by Kutenay on 10/08/2009 08:50:01 MDT.

Spruce Goose
(SpruceGoose) - F

Locale: New England
ultralight rifle...etc on 10/08/2009 08:51:56 MDT Print View

All ya gotta do is Google Dewey's name to see lots of various comments on other least a few of which are less than flattering to people who are different from him. Since all his comments are based on "extensive experience", I'd never question anything he says, but...

Personally, I'm interested in the little pea shooter. Not something I'd get much use out of in New England, but used as Ryan talks about, seems like a reasonable tool...albeit one that may need a little tweaking.

s k
(skots) - F
Re: Hiking with guns on 10/08/2009 09:04:30 MDT Print View

Hey Dewey,

You wouldn't happen to be whitey...would ya? Middle aged plus? Fat head? Pretty sharp, but socially challenged? Lacking in the "finishing" opportunities that some rich liberals gave their kids?

Would you sleep in a bivy sewn by a non whitey? In a Hilleberg tent designed outside of N. Europe?

Oh, don't take me wrong! I'm just wondering if you have some of the same physical characteristics and ideas that I've noticed in others who write like you do.

I've always appreciated and enjoyed the experiential opinions and judgments that you've added to this forum. In the future I'll consider if your conclusions are soiled with bigotry.

I am susceptible to and affected by and struggle with bigotry. Mostly in unfamiliar circumstances, with unfamiliar people. I try to work through those situations.

Dewey Riesterer
(Kutenay) - F
More crap on 10/08/2009 09:05:53 MDT Print View

Yeah, right, another wilderness "expurt" chimes in with an "ad hominem" remark, typical of suburbite wannabe-neverwere types from places where "wilderness" was destroyed centuries ago....reminds me of "Wiggy".

Joe Clement
(skinewmexico) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
Ultralight Rifle on 10/08/2009 09:07:14 MDT Print View

I would never carry a flyrod under 30 caliber.

Dewey Riesterer
(Kutenay) - F
sk on 10/08/2009 09:10:16 MDT Print View

sk, you are simply being foolish and, yes, MUCH of my gear IS sewn by people from different races, so what? MY Hilleberg tents, tho', were made in Estonia and they are as "white" as anyone.

BTW, the specific term I used, "non-traditional immigrant" was deliberately designed here to AVOID reference to issues of skin hue and other such "racial" characteristics and it INCLUDES peoples who are as fair skinned as I am....learn a bit, before allowing your self pity to so obviously cloud your judgement.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Ultralight Rifle on 10/08/2009 09:18:58 MDT Print View

"as it is in the big seaport city I now reside in, with it's "multicultural" stabbings, lethal home invasions and shootings by gangs of "non-traditional" immigrants, allowed entry by leftist-liberal politicians and gutless cultural traitors"

This isn't racist. In fact, this isn't a generalization.

It is very specific to the geographic area in which Dewey resides. Before passing judgement, I encourage all to consider the current state of BC politics, the notable increase in gang activity and home invasions by effectively illegal immigrants, and to that point, understand Canada's relatively lax immigration policies.

Not once did Dewey mention a specific race.

In any event, lets not degrade this thread into something that leaves a bad taste in everyones mouth. Lets discuss UL backpacking.

Erik Bresnahan
(ErikinDuluth) - F

Locale: the shores of lake gitchigumi
semantics on 10/08/2009 09:20:21 MDT Print View

"it's "multicultural" stabbings, lethal home invasions and shootings by gangs of "non-traditional" immigrants, allowed entry by leftist-liberal politicians and gutless cultural traitors."

My PC thought is this: If you didn't mean what you wrote, why use the words "multicultural" or "non-traditional immigrants" at all?

On the gun/flyrod, what pound test would you use? Or would it be what guage line would you use? :)

Dewey Riesterer
(Kutenay) - F
FACTS on 10/08/2009 09:34:25 MDT Print View

Let me first calm my admittedly quick temper and I will say that my comments were NOT intended to hurt anyone, here, or imply ANYTHING beyond what is HAPPENING here and thus to our traditional British-based individual freedoms, including gun ownership. So, let's all calm down and try to relax and enjoy the positive benefits of this forum.

I would not buy a gun like this as it is a waste of money in the "survival" circumstances and would also be useless for self-defence. I happen to believe that ANYONE has a fundamental birthright, as a human being, even we old whitey, fatheaded, socially deprived, etc., Canucks to self defence, using whatever weapon-tool-technique works for them...and, yes, I have "been there" more than once.

So, I prefer to carry what I know works and I like a 6lb. test leader on my Sage rod and my spinning rod as well. I do not practice "catch and release" due to being a very hardcore conservationist and I EAT any fish I catch, so, the stronger line means a more humane catch/kill situation, just as my .338WM means a swift, human death to an Elk for meat.

It's about factual reality, people, not about what one wishes life to be.

Brad Groves
(4quietwoods) - MLife

Locale: Michigan
Re: Ultralight Rifle on 10/08/2009 09:40:31 MDT Print View

It's all about context, people. If you take long, unsupported trips deep into the backcountry, then such a rifle could make good sense. Think of it this way: one day of food weighs roughly 2 pounds. The rifle, then, is 1/2 the weight of one day of food. Add some .22 rounds and you have a day's worth of food weight.

A .22 is actually a pretty good tool for the application. If you were remotely interested in this rifle, it wouldn't be for hunting deer or stopping an angry grizzly in its tracks. It'd be for eating whatever you shoot--and a .22 does wonders for small game. Squirrels, rabbits, birds... and you have more range than with a shotgun. .22 rounds are also a lot lighter than shot shells.

If you're looking at spending a month deep in the north country, small game won't be scarce. This would actually be (much) lighter than carrying food in... even if you only counted on it every other day or something.

Sanad Toukhly
(Red_Fox) - MLife

Locale: South Florida
Re: Re: Ultralight Rifle on 10/08/2009 10:45:06 MDT Print View

THANK YOU Brad Groves... I have been trying to communicate what you just said all along.

I keep hearing posts that point out how this gun is not enough to put down a deer or a bear... Well that's pretty obvious. It's a .22 for God's sake.

Why in the world would you put down a deer for food in a survival situation anyway? What in the world are you going to do with 100+ pounds of meat??

This gun is for small game, and at that weight, there is no other firearm I can think of that can achieve the same range. Every other gun mentioned as a better alternative does not even come close to how light this rifle is.

I've already mentioned that this gun is very obviously not meant for self defense against bears or anything of the sort. Like I said before, if you are going to be carrying a gun with enough fire power to take down a bear, you will NOT be going ultralight. A gun like that would weigh as much as my entire base weight. I, for one, am not willing to double my base weight for a gun that I "may" be able to get to in time when a bear suddenly charges out of nowhere.

Luke Schmidt
(Cameron) - MLife

Locale: The WOODS
Interesting Idea on 10/08/2009 10:48:12 MDT Print View

I don't know what regulations would come into play but doing an unsupported wilderness trek and living off what you catch/shoot would be very interesting. I wonder how practical it would be to live off grouse, rabbits and trout for most of your food? It would definately be a unique "back to nature" experience.

Aaron Lastname
(Cloudveil9) - F
Base Weight on 10/08/2009 11:09:54 MDT Print View

Hey Sid you must have a pretty low baseweight! There are some pistols out there that should handle a bear for ~2 lbs loaded. Still pretty heavy to carry around though and no range like a rifle. Obviously if you were going out with the intention of hunting a bear that's not what I would take, but if push came to shove, that's all you had, and you scored a good hit (Or hits) with something like a Glock 29 that weighs 32.98 oz loaded you might be in ok shape. Of course if you miss maybe not. Maybe you could even consider the weight of the bullets a "Consumable".