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ADK high peaks next week
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N. F.
(NeezyDeezy) - F

Locale: ADKs
ADK high peaks next week on 09/23/2009 11:53:48 MDT Print View

I'm going on an 8 day solo trip starting this weekend. Food is the biggest problem - I'm 6'4 with a monster metabolism and need about 3 pounds per day, but I've cut it back to closer to two/day here. Total pack weight would be 15lbs without the bear cannister and food...

The other main problem is the bearikade canister doesn't fit with all this gear. I think I'm going to put the food in an additional stuff sack in the pack, and try to hold the empty canister on the outside top of the pack using the top compression strap... I don't have any other pack so I have to make it work somehow.

My stuff isn't really UL. The rain gear is heavy, but it's eVent and works well for me. I tried a shorter sleeping pad, but couldn't get used to(read:couldn't sleep with) having my legs dangling off and just sitting on my pack.

I'm considering leaving the booties and fleece pants at home, but I'm anticipating temperatures in the low 20's and would rather be happy during the considerable amount of time spent in camp as the days grow shorter.

I'm not comfortable giving up TP yet.

I'd love any advice.

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Walter Carrington
(Snowleopard) - M

Locale: Mass.
RE: ADK high peaks next week on 09/23/2009 13:28:02 MDT Print View

Is there any way to resupply in the middle? Even if you have to hike out a couple of miles to pick up food, it would be easier. Park your car with food someplace near the middle.

Technically, a bear canister is only required in the Eastern High Peaks Zone. For details and map:
It would be recommended outside the EHPZ.

4 canisters is a lot.

Do your fleece pants really weigh only 9 oz? Long underwear bottoms might be more compact if not lighter.

N. F.
(NeezyDeezy) - F

Locale: ADKs
hmm on 09/23/2009 15:15:08 MDT Print View

Thanks for the advice... I don't have a car, and there's not really any way to resupply. I may make the trip a little shorter in order to be able to take less food, but will have to rethink the route planning.

N. F.
(NeezyDeezy) - F

Locale: ADKs
I would appreciate any feedback to the list. on 09/24/2009 06:55:08 MDT Print View

Any feedback on the list? I leave tomorrow.


Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
too late, have fun! on 09/25/2009 13:09:03 MDT Print View

too late to be of any help before you leave, but a few comments

looks like you could lose a few oz in the misc section

5 oz for a 1st aid kit could probably be whittled down to ~ 1/2- there are a couple really good first aid kit thread floating around

are you using the tiny bottles for your soap etc? you can shed a little that way- also tooth powder is lighter than toothpaste

the swiss army classic is 0.9 oz and I've found it does everything I need it a knife (and scissors and tweezers :) ) need to do

if your not night hiking (or only in emergencies) the petzel e-lite weighs just under an oz w/ batteries- very nice little headlamp

you might save a little weight by carrying bigger canisters of fuel instead of multiple little ones- each 7 oz canister is 3.2 oz of dead weight (3.8 of fuel)

why the nalgene? the platy's are plenty tough (and repairable if need be) and lots lighter

is that 15 tabs total for your water treatment? or is that 15 "sheets" of tabs?
15 tabs wouldn't be near enough for me for 8 days

hope you had fun!