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Bob Marshall Gear List
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David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
Bob Marshall Gear List on 09/19/2009 18:56:34 MDT Print View

This is the gear I'll be taking on an overnight in the southern Bob tomorrow-monday. It also happens to be the gear I presume to bring on Le Parcour de Wild "race" next month for Kevin Sawchuck's and mine all-hiking central traverse. The conditions will have to look really bad or really good for me to change much on the clothing end, the shelter and cooking arrangments will be difference, and we'll have a few extra items as well (sat phone, bear spray, GPS) which I normally don't carry.

Some weights witheld to fight against the weightweenie-industrial complex.

Parcour Gear List


Homemade All-Pack (20 oz)
Ridgerest Short (8oz)


WM Ultralite, sleeping socks, Montbell bivy in 13L dry bag (40 oz)
MSR E-Wing tarp w/ lots of cord (9 oz)

Clothing (all)

Patagonia Spraymaster jacket (13 oz)
Patagonia R2 Bodyrug pullover w/ homemade hood (17 oz)
Patagonia Cap 2 hoody (homemade) (8 oz)
Patagonia French Roast pants (moded) ( oz)
NRS Hydroskin socks ( oz)
Smartwool socks ( oz)
Patagonia Cap 2 boxer-briefs ( oz)
Cloudveil Run-Dont-Walk boxers ( oz)
Mountain Hardwear spandura gaiters (moded) ( oz)
LaSportive Fireblades (28 oz)
Suunto Observor watch ( oz)


6 Liter Dromedary w/ hydro setup ( oz)
Snowpeak 700 ml cooker and Ti spork (5 oz)
4 oz nalgene widemouth filled w/ dryer lint and denatured alcohol (5 oz)
Repair/med kit (4 oz)
Bodyglide/athletic tape (2 oz)
Princeton Tec EOS headlamp (5 oz)
Sunnto Compass (1.5 oz)
maps ( oz)
Homemade 115cm trekking poles (13 oz)
Digital camera ( oz)
Oakley Straight Jackets w/ cloth bag ( oz)


30 oz per day (nominal)

David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
thoughts on 09/21/2009 18:09:41 MDT Print View

Just got back from a stellar 1.5 day trip. Falls Creek-Canyon Creek-Dry Fork-Danaher-Limestone-Monture loop is highly recommended!

I spent last night at 7100', it rained and then snowed as I hiked up from Danaher Meadows. A fire to dry stuff was mandatory at camp, and the low-teens temps pushed my setup right to the edge of comfort. I slept well, but with all hatches battened tight. (WM's draft collar is awesome.)

I'm not sure I'd change anything, yet. Lots of stuff that would be nice to have, but I was perfectly safe in the nastiest conditions I expect to encounter, it could only be worse if it were prolonged.

Get out there folks, it's the most gorgeous time of the year.