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Tents for Tall People
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bryan Schuetz
(bryanschuetz) - F
Tents for Tall People on 09/09/2009 17:10:28 MDT Print View

At 6'7" finding a tent that I can sleep in comfortably is a challenge. I find I need at least 90" of lengthwise floor space to sleep comfortably and that's pushing it, ideally I'd love more but can't seem to find that anywhere.

At the moment I have a fairly heavy REI halfdome 2 person tent that I've been holding on to because it has that 90" floorspace that I need. All the lightweight tents I've seen seem to top out at around 84".

Can we get some love for the tall people out there? Any other tall folk out there know of some good lightweight shelter options geared to the tall? I'd consider going with alternate shelter options but still favor the double wall style at this point.

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Rene de bos
(piemel) - F

Locale: SF Bay Area
lunar duo on 09/09/2009 17:18:00 MDT Print View

Just make the jump and get a single wall

I am 6'7 and have ample room in a Lunar Duo from SMD

Justin Wade
(jujawa) - MLife

Locale: Los Angeles
Re: Tents for Tall People on 09/09/2009 17:18:30 MDT Print View

I'd recommend the tarptent rainbow. I am 6'2" and i have more than 5 inches of extra room.

Brett Peugh
(bpeugh) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
TT on 09/09/2009 17:22:33 MDT Print View

Tarptent Double Rainbow or Contrail will work for you.

Jolly Green Giant
(regultr) - MLife

Re: TT on 09/09/2009 18:35:13 MDT Print View

I'm 6'6" and agree the Lunar Duo is likey the best choice. I chose it over the Double Rainbow because it is slightly bigger. I own the Contrail too and although I fit, it really only works on flat ground as even a slight incline would push me to the top and bottom (not to mention I touch the ceiling when I bend my knees already which is a little annoying as it often makes my bag wet).

If you've got time to wait, Six Moon Designs was supposed to come out with a tent specifically for tall people known as the Vamp. Most of us believe we'll see it during spring of next year as SMD is behind on releasing it and the updated Refuge. Gossamer Gear is also working on a new tent, but I don't know anything about it. If I recall, BPL was even working on a tent...

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William Puckett
(Beep) - F

Locale: Land of 11, 842 lakes
Re: TT on 09/09/2009 20:15:38 MDT Print View

+1 for Lunar Duo. It's plenty big.

...and I agree with the Jolly Green Giant...that the Contrail will work, but there's not a lot of margin for error. The biggest downside the Contrail is the lack of height. No sitting up, even at the front for this 6'5" user unless you just jam your head against the ceiling. That's one of the reasons that I'm now a hammock user for solo trips (Warbonnet Blackbird with OES MacCat Deluxe spinnUL tarp).

Oh...and I note that REI now has a tall person version of their Quarter Dome (the T2 Plus) that is 94" long, though still weighs 4 lbs 14 oz packaged weight, FAR more than the Lunar Duo.

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Ryan Tucker
(BeartoothTucker) - M
tent on 09/09/2009 20:45:02 MDT Print View

if your looking for a double wall the big agnes copper spur ul is 90 inches. i am not as tall as you, but jolly green's big guy advice has been spot on so far for me.

(mountainwalker) - MLife

Locale: SF Bay Area & New England
Ron says prototyping Vamp now and expects to ship by Q1 2010 on 09/09/2009 21:28:01 MDT Print View

I can't comment on the other models but Ron at SMD emailed to say that he's prototyping the Vamp now and expects to have it shipping by first quarter 2010. I'm looking forward to seeing the design.

bryan Schuetz
(bryanschuetz) - F
thanks on 09/09/2009 21:52:22 MDT Print View

Thanks for all the suggestions, they've been very helpful in forcing me to really think through what I want. The single wall tents are intriguing and the SMD Lunar Duo looks like a good fit, but I'm still stuck on my double walls. It looks like almost all the Big Agnes tents are 90" so I think I will investigate them some.

A quick search of these forums also pointed me to the Stephenson Warmlite tents which seem to have more lengthwise floor space than any others I've seen.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
TarpTent MOMENT on 09/10/2009 02:16:10 MDT Print View

I just ordered a TarpTent MOMENT. It's even longer inside than my Contrail and has more headroom. Plus it's much more wind resistant and faster to pitch (tho 4 oz. heavier).


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Rog Tallbloke
(tallbloke) - F

Re: Tents for Tall People on 09/10/2009 04:00:08 MDT Print View

"Can we get some love for the tall people out there?"

Know how you feel Bryan, I'm 6' 8"

If you like double wall tents I can recommend the old sierra designs lightyear. I believe they did a version with a silnylon fly which is a bit lighter than the standard model's 3.5lb. It's a neat design with the inner tent extending to one corner of the flysheet. I found it just long enough, and it's pretty sturdy for it's weight. Mine survived a storm at 7000ft without a problem. Well, ok, I sat up with my shoulders bracing the pole for part of the night at the height of the storm.

For uberlite, I managed along with my little lady under a gatewood cape for 10 days in Sardinia this year, but this was marginal, my feet were pressed up against one end, and I used my event jacket to keep my sleeping bag foot dry.

Kath complained about insects, so now I've sold the gatewood and have a Gossamer Gear 'the one' on it's way from gear swap. This will be marginal too, but at that weight, I'm willing to give it a go.

Nice to hear Ron at SMD has plans for a tall man's tent with the 'vamp'. Maybe he heard my plea when I asked him for some matching nylon to extend the gatewood cape (he didn't have any). I look forward to seeing the vamp design, any clues yet?

bryan Schuetz
(bryanschuetz) - F
light year on 09/10/2009 10:31:10 MDT Print View

wow, with 131" of lengthwise sleeping space the light year has to best tall-friendly one I've seen yet. Doesn't look like much of a vestibule though, guess beggars can't be choosers.

I also wonder what the trade off is for tents with sloping vs. vertical end walls. Will a tent with an 86" lenghtwise floor space and vertical end walls end up giving me more space than a 90" one with sloping walls. My assumption is it would, problem is that there's no way to know for sure without laying down in one.

Diplomatic Mike

Locale: Under a bush in Scotland
Re : "Tents for Tall People" on 09/10/2009 10:38:03 MDT Print View

Some of the Exped tents have a long inner. I used to have an Exped Vela II Extreme that had a 96" inner. The ends were vertical, so all the space was useable. The one man version is also 96", i think.

bryan Schuetz
(bryanschuetz) - F
TT Scarp on 09/10/2009 13:27:35 MDT Print View

I'm wondering if any of the vertically gifted in here have used the TT scarp tents? Though the interior length is only 86" with the vertical end walls I'm wondering if my 6'7" frame could fit comfortably in it. It looks like a great tent and seems to have everything I want.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Tents for Tall People on 09/10/2009 16:44:48 MDT Print View

"Will a tent with an 86" lenghtwise floor space and vertical end walls end up giving me more space than a 90" one with sloping walls. My assumption is it would, problem is that there's no way to know for sure without laying down in one."

Not really, it is much simpler than that...
Make a mock up of the tent using string, tent poles (or bamboo or similar flexing material) . Once you have the dimensions it is not that difficult to do.
See my mock up of the TT Moment....
The Moment Mock up
And for the Scarp:
The bottom part is really totally box shaped. 86" long, 32" wide and 15" high at the end. The max height is 39".
So the white masking tape is the floor footprint , the line just under the chair seat is the 15" high mark.
The combined length of the mat and the pillow is your exact height. The white pillow simulates your head , so you still have good space above..
The same can be done with most tents. That would save criticising one shelter for being too short only to order two others that are in fact shorter (less usable length...)
BTW most of it can be done on a piece of paper, but a mock up will allow you to put in the mat you want to use , lay on top of it, move around and see how it feels for you.
Scarp mock up
Scarp mock up 2

bryan Schuetz
(bryanschuetz) - F
tent modeling on 09/10/2009 19:30:59 MDT Print View

Wow that's extremely helpful Franco, thanks. I just ran through that modeling on my office floor here and it was painfully obvious that scarp 1 would probably be too narrow, something I was not even really focusing on. I'm going to have to do this for all the tents I'm considering I think.

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William Puckett
(Beep) - F

Locale: Land of 11, 842 lakes
RE: tent modeling on 09/10/2009 19:52:31 MDT Print View

(Swoon!) Franco is my hero!! I LOVE the idea of tent mockup with string/tape/poles for "testing". I'm impressed!

Donald Browning
(docdb) - M

Locale: SE USA
EV-2 on 09/10/2009 20:17:24 MDT Print View

THe EV2 from Mountain Hardware is plenty long, but has to have the right conditions for ventilation. Don

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Tents for Tall People on 09/10/2009 20:25:32 MDT Print View

I thought that everyone did that...

at 32" the Scarp is wider than many single shelters, so you may have to consider a double.
Keep in mind that because of your height you need to consider the narrowest point on the floor and ignore the widest. Also several shelters have a pronounced inward slant in the first few inches, so again take note of that. See examples.
Narrow sides
Narrow sides 2

Scarp inner (note that the ends are not as vertical as in std mode)
Scarp inner

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Joe Clement
(skinewmexico) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
Tents for Tall People on 09/10/2009 20:31:43 MDT Print View

There's just no "off" switch on genius, is there Franco.......?