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Fishing bare essentials?
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Candice Jamieson
(aussiegirl) - F

Locale: Australia
Fishing bare essentials? on 08/29/2009 19:19:01 MDT Print View

Hi everybody, new here and somewhat new to bushwalking. So far I have always taken dehydrated meal packs out bush but I am thinking fishing might be a better option. I know VERY little about fishing so I was wondering if somebody could tell me what the 'bare essentials' would be..? I assume that you dont need 15 types of lures and a 12kg tackle box...?

Tad Englund
(bestbuilder) - F - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Fishing bare essentials? on 08/29/2009 22:41:44 MDT Print View

Candice- welcome, it would be nice to know where you are going so someone doesn't have to type an entire encyclopedia on fishing to cover what you might need.

BTW- I've fished for years and would not rely on my skills unless I've been there and know what to expect. I've fished lakes that at one time you cold throw anything in and catch something and other times on the same lake I've tried every fly in the box and didn't catch a thing. Fishing this summer has been good though

Candice Jamieson
(aussiegirl) - F

Locale: Australia
Fishing on 08/30/2009 04:58:39 MDT Print View

Really showing my experience now! I do most of my walking in bushland along the east Australian coast. (average 15C nights, 28C days.) Lots of fresh and salt water fishing, the fishing is almost always incredible, and I'd have back up for emergency as well, I was thinking though, surely just some line, a bunch of hooks and a good knife would do it?

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
pack rod/small reel on 09/14/2009 20:55:47 MDT Print View

you can put together a light kit that includes a ultralight pole (pack rod), ultralight reel (w/ 2-6 lb test), a light case and a small amount of tackle all under a lb

this would make it much easier to actually catch fish (little more fun too :))

both Daiwa and Quantum (others as well) sell pretty nice (multi-piece ul graphite rods combined w/ mutli ball bearing ul reels) kits for under $50 US

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Re: pack rod/small reel on 09/17/2009 11:00:25 MDT Print View

"both Daiwa and Quantum (others as well) sell pretty nice (multi-piece ul graphite rods combined w/ mutli ball bearing ul reels) kits for under $50 US"

Wow...this sounds really tempting. I visited Daiwa's site and saw the 4 piece graphite rods ('pack rods') but I couldn't see these rod/real combo's you speak of.

Tohru Ohnuki
(erdferkel) - F

Locale: S. California
simple and lightweight on 09/17/2009 12:16:59 MDT Print View

If this technique is applicable to your area, it is very simple and ultralight:
Backcountry Fly Fishing with Tenkara: Ultralight Style and Simplicity
Forum Index » Fishing » Tenkara Rods - UL fishing...

te - wa
(mikeinfhaz) - F

Locale: Phoenix
Re: Re: pack rod/small reel on 09/17/2009 12:23:42 MDT Print View

there are some pack rods/reels that dont come in a big goofy suitcase (since you wont be using it)
bass pro shops has a 6' 4-piece and Eagle Claw makes a 5' 4-piece
cabela's also has high quality pack rods made from IM6 graphite blanks. here's one i like:

the 6' medium/light action 4pc is imho a far better choice compared to a 5' rod because that extra foot is a boon for casting lighter lures and playing fish without exhausting them.
pricey, yes. quality, yes. you get what you pay for.

Edited by mikeinfhaz on 09/17/2009 12:25:03 MDT.

Todd Forbes
(TF) - F
St.Croix on 09/18/2009 16:41:32 MDT Print View

Here is an article about a rod I used this summer, a St.Croix 4 peice travel rod, by a guy backpacking in Yellowstone. They come in two different price ranges, $120 for the high-end rod with Fuji guides & reel seat and another that cost around $60 if I remember correctly:

I added a nice Shimano reel with 6 ball bearings for another $60 so the whole package came to $120.

I also just ordered a Tenkara rod kit which arrived in the mail today and the box was completly empty! Somewhere out West there is a guy in a brown UPS uniform fishing with my Tenkara rod! Talked to Daniel at and he is going to make it right, just have to send him photos of the mangled up box.

Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
Shame on Brown! on 09/18/2009 18:11:25 MDT Print View

That's disgusting that someone made off with your Tenkara outfit, but major kudos to Daniel for making it right!

Once you actually get your Tenkara rod, etc, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it a lot!

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
st croix on 09/18/2009 20:08:41 MDT Print View

I almost pulled the trigger on the st croix, but was a little worried about something happening to it in the backcountry :)

I went w/ this instead- $30 for a four piece Quantum graphite rod and a three bearing Quantum spinning reel- I figured if it was junk I'd only be out $30- turns out the quality is very good- it's light too- the rod weighs in @ 3.1 oz and the reel at 5.5- not shabby

I was also looking at the Daiwa minipsin outfit

Mark Lems
(markl) - F
Re: Fishing on 03/08/2010 14:59:51 MST Print View

Hi Candice
I am down in Tanja on the far south coast NSW.
Just fyi, if you want to lure fish, unless you are hunting Murray Cod or big Barra, a few small minnow style lures should be sufficient (up to around the 50mm size). Stick to a silvery colour, you shouldn't go wrong - they'll work in salt (estuaries) bream, flathead etc, and in the fresh on bass, trout, silver perch etc. I use a 3ft Spinning rod and 1000 series reel, they're small and they work.
If you want to fly fish, have a look at Tenkara, although if you are a beginner, I'd stick to lures.
Sorry about the late post, just picked it up.
All the best.

Julian Watson
(JulesWatson) - F
South Coast on 03/09/2010 02:01:53 MST Print View

Mark - how have you fared in the recent rains ? Have seen some great pics of the local estuaries.. I believe that every estuary south of Bateman's (bar Wallagoot) has opened or been opened. Good stuff.

You should get along to the fly fishing intro nights at the Bega library !

Good to see a NSW angler on board. - Jules (Corrimal, Wollongong)