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Ultra Lightweight Fishing
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Robert Taylor
(Robtay) - F
Ultra Lightweight Fishing on 08/22/2009 07:35:06 MDT Print View

Hi all, thanks for not taking the pee out of my killing crocs thread :)


This is kinda a gear list but there is 1 made item and 1 changed so i'll put it here.

You can catch fish with this all day, imho its no more difficult than a rod setup.
Use a quick yank sideways on the line rather than move the hobo rod itself when you get a bite and remember to play the larger fish the same way as you would with a rod and reel.


I forget what the hobo rod tube came from but anything with a similiar length and thickness can be used.
I know a lot of you have prob used cans and the like but you can really get better castes with a bit more length and thinness.
Its also easier to wind back in. I use some 8lb line, the full 100m on here (about 95 now :) and a bit of velco to hold it in place when not in use.
I also poked a hole in the lid and tied some para cord into a loop just for more ease of use and for grabbing it in water.


I carry a selection of floats, all of which are self cockers so i dont need to carry any more weights.


My landing net has had all the frame removed, all i do is find a Y shaped stick before i fish, doesnt normally take to long to find someting suitable.
I've attached 4 lengths of para cord to each corner to attach them.


I also carry a couple of the smallest plummet stones (always good to know the depth),
lots of hooks in a small bag that hooks where brought in,
and a disgorger (even if your planning on eating the fish, its still good to be able to removed the hook if it gets swallowed.
The last thing i carry is a lightweight small but strong plastic bag for bait, a couple of handfulls of dirt or some stones keep it to the ground, it also stops any rattle when carrying it.
The lot fits easy into a small sea to summit drybag to stop any smell.

For Bait

Not showing my hooks as they where hidden behind my line and i forgot.

Edited by Robtay on 08/22/2009 08:12:10 MDT.

Daniel Rushton
(DanTheMan) - F
Nice on 08/23/2009 04:40:22 MDT Print View

Nice kit, is the net really worth the weight gain though?

Robert Taylor
(Robtay) - F
Not really on 08/23/2009 14:02:51 MDT Print View

I know it looks heavy but it really isnt, the worste thing about it is the extra bulk. If your fishing anywhere with a highish bank its comes into its own with larger fish.

As anyone tried the new tenkara fly fishing on this very site, looks impressive, does backpackinglight ship to the UK? I know prob not the place to ask but will save me bothering them with an email.

Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

Re: Not really on 08/23/2009 14:46:07 MDT Print View

Nice setup. Being that you use 8 lb test line you could just haul in the fish right up the bank and eliminate the landing net.
How do you use the plummet stones to determin depth?

Robert Taylor
(Robtay) - F
Plummet on 08/24/2009 03:33:08 MDT Print View

Your prob both right, i might just leave it at home, i'm just so use to having one :D

To use a plummet, just peg it onto your hook, and caste where you want to fish, its enough to sink your float and you can see the depth by how far under water it is.

Robert Taylor
(Robtay) - F
Handnet on 08/24/2009 03:46:17 MDT Print View

On a side note, it is possible to catch fish with just a net, some species are much easier, thats why its illegal, in the UK at least. But salmon, eels, muskellunge, pike and even carp can be caught.

Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

Re: Handnet on 08/24/2009 13:55:08 MDT Print View

Is most of your fishing done in streams and rivers that flow into the ocean?

Robert Taylor
(Robtay) - F
question on 09/01/2009 15:12:57 MDT Print View

yes Dan, dont know how you picked up on that but impressed non the less. I usualy try to pick an area that has a low current. I sometimes fish locks or ponds though.