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Light Fixed Blade? Any knife knuts here?
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Glenn Roberts
(garkjr) - F

Locale: Southwestern Ohio
Better late than never, I guess on 02/24/2006 13:56:20 MST Print View

Joe wrote: "Use a piece of wood as your cutting board, not a rock."

NOW you tell me! :)

My previous post was mostly made in one of those "been there, done that, wish I could do it over" moments - a lame attempt at humor.

Like many other issues on the bleeding edge of ultralighting (no pun intended), I see this one being as much about personal preference as about any substantive weight reduction issue. I'll probably continue to mostly use my Micra, but I'll probably also regularly switch to the LST/small scissors combo while trying to decide which I like better.

(RavenUL) - F
Re: Better late than never, I guess on 02/24/2006 13:59:10 MST Print View

"NOW you tell me! :)"

anything I can do to help...

if you need anything else, dont be afraid to give me a call my number is 555-867-5309 :D

john Tier
(Peter_pan) - M

Locale: Co-Owner Jacks 'R' Better, LLC, VA
Re: Re: To refute... on 02/24/2006 14:43:28 MST Print View

I agree on the don't have to carry a knife if you learn to be a proficient Knapper... as long as the area has a supply of knappable stone....


Chris Harvey
(CCH) - F
Lightweight Fixed Blade on 02/24/2006 14:49:35 MST Print View

I like my Becker Necker. 2.5 ounces for the knife alone, 4.5 with kydex sheath. Good steel and nice blade design (for me). The lack of a real grip is a downside if you use it much so I'm having BRKT put micarta scales on it to make it more manageable. Worth the weight to me.

I've never tried them, but Mora's seem to be very popular.

Pierre Dumay
(PEYOfrance) - F
spoon fixed blade "the NOON" on 02/24/2006 15:21:14 MST Print View

Hi guys

I shape my fixe blade in a titanium spoon. It's a great piece of gear for less 0.5 oz


It's not a "real fixed blade" but it works well for me

Ron Bell
(mountainlaureldesigns) - F - M

Locale: USA
serious knife on 02/24/2006 15:37:23 MST Print View

Boker Ti Mariner
2.8oz, serated and double edged, all titanium, skeletonized handle, 4"blade, 4" handle, used by hardcore spec opps dudes and dudettes the world over. Also...Non magnetic Titanium won't set off mines during ground probing. Balanced for throwing too!

Now that we have moved in to the "Real Knife" zone...Gonna' need a window on the bivy sack to make split second well informed night time decisions...

***Black bear, brown bear, nut case smelly thru-hiker, hiking partner after a "bad" day, etc. -Play dead, stay in the bivy.

***Polar bear, rabid marmot, BKP (bowie knife psycho), anyone naked and singing in latin, etc. -Thrust that Boker through the bivy to simutaneously stun/kill attacker and create a gaping emergency exit slash in the bivy.

Good luck.

Pierre Dumay
(PEYOfrance) - F
spoon fixed blade "the NOON" on 02/24/2006 16:09:51 MST Print View

Hi guys

I shape my fixe blade in a titanium spoon. It's a great piece of gear for less 0.5 oz


It's not a "real fixed blade" but it works well for me

Russell Swanson
(rswanson) - F

Locale: Midatlantic
Re: spoon fixed blade "the NOON" on 02/24/2006 17:11:37 MST Print View

"I shape my fixe blade in a titanium spoon..."

Ok, now that looks like a potential accident!

Edited by rswanson on 02/24/2006 17:12:40 MST.

John Drollette
(tradja) - F

Locale: Central Oregon
Good call! on 02/25/2006 02:31:27 MST Print View

Thanks all for the great suggestions and discussion. Keep it coming! Yep, I'm tempted to just go with a Benchmade Mini-Grip or Mini Pika. The Becker Necker, COld Steel options, and Mora also merit further research (I've got a Mora from way back that I love).

Chris Harvey
(CCH) - F
Bark River on 02/25/2006 09:18:39 MST Print View

You might also check out some of the smaller models from Bark River. Very nice stuff and excellent steel.

Ken Charpie
(kencharpie) - MLife

Locale: Western Oregon
ESEE Izula on 07/09/2010 03:49:28 MDT Print View

I have my eyes on the ESEE Izula for a fixed blade knife to carry while backpacking. It's very similar to the Becker Necker, with knife forums all over the internet full of threads comparing the two. The Izula seems to be the favored knife for the comfort of its handle and the blade's design.

I borrowed an Izula to carry on my last backpacking trip and loved it. I carry my first aid pouch on a lanyard around my kneck (I liked this suggestion in on of the articles on first aid articles here on BPL) in case I were ever separated from my pack. The knife hung on the lanyard with my first aid pouch. Super convenient to access and the 2 oz weight without sheath is decent. I couldn't find a weight on the sheath anywhere, but it seems to be somewhere around a half ounce... probably 2.5 oz total weight.

scott hummel
(snowquest) - F
buck on 07/09/2010 21:00:23 MDT Print View

The buck hartsook is a pretty cool knife. I picked one up recently, it is super light but smaller than I expected.

Nice as a backup, but if your looking for something to use in a survival situation, you would probably want a little more blade.

I also own a benchmade minigrip, and becker necker. Both great knives.

This is something to check out too, Becker Remora

Becker Remora

Edited by snowquest on 07/09/2010 21:05:02 MDT.

Kevin Kerstens
(kjkerstens) - MLife

Locale: BC Canada
+1 Mora on 07/09/2010 23:38:09 MDT Print View

The few times I felt I really needed a knife, which is not too often, it has been to start a fire in really wet conditions. Everyone is cold and wet and you need to make a decent amount of kindling in a short period of time. The Mora is strong and sharp enough that you can baton serious size wood down to kindling or cut wet wood to get to the dry stuff beneath in short order. At only 3 oz and 20$ I think this knife is hard to beat, especially if weight/performance and cost are your driving factors.

The only problem(s) I find with the Mora are the cheap looking plastic handle and sheath. The knife certainly lacks the wow factor that a Fallkniven F1 or SOG have.

Good luck in your hunt, 2 oz or less is pretty steep criteria.

Ken Charpie
(kencharpie) - MLife

Locale: Western Oregon
Eskabar on 05/26/2011 03:15:58 MDT Print View

I'm eyeballing this:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1091&bih=805&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=2022130591055009933&sa=X&ei=IxreTZqeFqjr0QHp1qWzCg&ved=0CBYQ8wIwAA

The eskabar is supposed to be a combination of the Becker Necker and Izula. Win win.

Kevin Harper
(hike500) - F

Locale: Southwest
Re: Good call! on 05/26/2011 09:17:35 MDT Print View

Mora Original Classic #2/0, with a 3" Full Tang blade and Sheath. Not a bad knife, came unfinished and I stained it myself. Birch handle is not the best wood to hold stain but I kind of like the uneven appearance.With the sheath it weighs 1.8 oz.

Edited by hike500 on 05/26/2011 09:19:45 MDT.

chad patzer
(thexuprising) - F
mora staining on 06/14/2011 14:30:24 MDT Print View

Hey Kevin. That mora looks beautiful. I was wondering how you stained it? Just sand then stain? Maybe a clear coat. I've read that a lot of people use oils of some sort and that gives it a stained effect, seems like the price could add up and take away from the low cost of a mora.

Was that the unfinished one? All the unfinished #1/0 I've found have been around $30, that seems odd since the pre-stained ones with the red are only $10. Do you know if any place sells the non stained ones for less $11?

Ole Saether
(osaether) - MLife

Locale: Norway
Re: Light Fixed Blade? Any knife knuts here? on 06/14/2011 14:52:59 MDT Print View

+1 for the simple Mora knives. I often use the new synthetic-handled type as seen on wikipedia:

Don Morris
(hikermor) - F
Light Fixed Blade on 06/14/2011 17:07:06 MDT Print View

See if you can find a CRKT Stiff Kiss if you want a fixed blade. I hiked for years with a SAK, using the screwdriver, etc. about as often as the knife blade. I agree about the utility of pliers (jammed locking biners, etc), so I usually carry a multitool these days. My experience has been that a big, heavy fixed blade is overkill and unnecessary weight.

Cody Lebow

Locale: Orange County
Bark river on 06/14/2011 23:47:18 MDT Print View

My vote goes for a bravo necker 2. Enough handle to keep a good grip, good steel, great knives.