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no-cook lunch
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Laurie Ann March
(Laurie_Ann) - F

Locale: Ontario, Canada
no-cook lunch on 08/14/2009 05:44:29 MDT Print View

olive tapenade

I don’t like to have to pull the stove out at lunch, unless the weather is very cold, so I generally try to create no-cook lunches for our trips. This one is a family favorite and will be appearing in my second book.

I first had this tapenade at a Fall gathering being hosted in Ontario, Canada’s Algonquin Provincial Park. The original recipe belonged to my friend Alison and it was her contribution to an impromptu potluck. I have modified the dish to suit backcountry trips and although it is great as a spread, it can double as a refreshing addition to pasta (just add some extra olive oil and parmesan cheese).

olive tapenade
dehydration time: 8 to 10 hours
makes 4 to 6 servings

1 cup pimento stuffed green olives, drained
1 cup pitted black olives, drained
1 cup marinated artichoke hearts, drained
1 hot banana pepper, coarsely chopped
1/2 sweet red pepper, coarsely chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 teaspoon dried basil
1 tablespoon capers, minced
1 tablespoon lemon or lime juice
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

At Home
Put the olives and artichokes in a food processor and pulse to chop the mixture. It should be a fine chop, but not to the point of being a puree. Put the olive mixture in a bowl and set aside. Next, put the peppers in the food processor and pulse until the peppers are the same consistency as the olive mixture. Add the peppers to the olive mixture along with the garlic, basil, capers and lemon juice. Stir until well combined.

Spread onto lined dehydrator trays and dry for 8 to 10 hours. Package the tapenade in a medium ziplock freezer bag and add the olive oil to the other olive oil you are taking on your trip.

At Camp
Rehydrate the tapenade using a formula of 1 1/2 parts dried mix to 1 part water. Let rehydrate for 10 minutes and add a little more water if necessary. Stir in 1 tablespoon of olive oil, if desired, and serve with your favorite cracker or flatbread.

created by Laurie Ann March ©2008

Denis Hazlewood
(redleader) - MLife

Locale: Luxury-Light Luke on the Llano Azul
Re: no-cook lunch on 10/05/2009 21:52:08 MDT Print View


Three weeks ago I made a batch of your wonderful tapenade. It was so delicious I made two more batches right away. On a weeks trip in the Emigrant Wilderness I took some for each lunch but also added it to all my dinners. When I got home I ate all the rest within a week. It's sooo good. Truly yummy stuff.


Laurie Ann March
(Laurie_Ann) - F

Locale: Ontario, Canada
Re: Re: no-cook lunch on 10/06/2009 12:51:06 MDT Print View

Thanks for the compliment. I'll have to share your comments with Alison as it was her recipe that inspired my version. Glad you liked it.

Reginald Donaldson
(worth) - MLife

Locale: Wind River Range
Oh yeah! on 10/06/2009 14:10:23 MDT Print View

I use to buy green olive tapenade at one of our now defunct grocerers. Love the stuff! Ate it for lunch daily on the Missinaibi. I called it "Poor Man's Caviar".