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JMT Gear List
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Steven Thompson

Locale: Northeast
JMT Gear List on 08/11/2009 12:47:30 MDT Print View

Hey all,
I didn't feel right hijacking another's thread on the same topic so started my own. Please pick apart my gear list; always looking for ideas to lighten the load. thank, Steve

McHale Sarc-chasm Backpack, roll top mode
Western Mountaineering Apache S-Dry loft Sleeping bag
Thermarest Neo-Air Large
3 Silnylon stuff sacks
Mountain Laurel Design SpinnPro Poncho/tarp
6 Ti Stakes / guy lines
Six Moon Designs Meteor Bivy
2 REI UL carbon trekking poles
Swiss Army Knife Classic – just enough knife
1-2 liter platypus
60 Katadyn Micropur tablets
Princeton-tec Scout Headlamp, no strap
1 Bearikade weekender
Arcade token (for opening bearikade)
1L Ti Pot
Ti Spoon w/long handle
Ti Mug
Alcohol Stove – caldera cone
Fuel, denatured alcohol ½ liter in a 1L Playtpus with nozzle cap; buy ~1/2 liter at MTR
1.5oz cup size measuring cup

clothes to wear
Patagonia baggies shorts
Patagonia silkweight longsleeve t-shirt
1 pair Injinji toe socks
Asics Gel Trabuco Trail Runners
Tilley Hat
MTR claim check
Scrap of paper with phone #
A bit of cash
Credit card
Medical insurance card
Drivers license
2 Contact lenses
1 pair Native Eye Sunglasses
Suunto Compass/Altimeter watch
½ oz eye drops
Tin of lip balm

clothes to pack
Patagonia UL Windbreaker
Long pants
1 pair Injinji toe socks
REI Gossamer Vest
100 wt fleece gloves
100 wt fleece beanie
Patagonia silkweight short sleeve t-shirt
Patagonia silkweight thermal bottom

first aid
1 roll Leukotape
5 band-aids w/antibiotic ointment
Meds (Benadryl, Sudafed, Imodium, Advil, Dramamine)
2 sheets 2nd skin
2 compeed patches
1 large safety pin

40 gallon Trash bag
Small roll duct tape
Needle & thread
6 pieces fire starter

cleanup kit (resupply consumables as needed at MTR)
½oz Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap (rethink this, do I need at all?)
Fingertip Toothbrush
SS Wire Toothpick
Mini Pack Towel
Spare contact lens
1oz Renu cleansing solution
Toilet paper, 40 sheets
1 gallon ziploc (for used TP)
Poop stake
1oz Hand gel
½oz Ultrathon
1oz Sunblock

Canon S70 Digital Camera, 2 batteries
Harrison JMT Map Pack
Car key
Small notepad, pencil

Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Re: JMT Gear List on 08/11/2009 13:31:58 MDT Print View

hey Steven,
looks similar to my list I am starting with next this week. Only two questions...

1) Are you carrying a rain jacket (maybe I just missed it) or are you just going to do a windshirt with fleece under?
2) Are you bringing an entire roll of Leukatape? I am just bringing a foot or two.

Steven Thompson

Locale: Northeast
JMT list on 08/11/2009 13:51:30 MDT Print View

What are you wrapping the leukotape on? And how does a redo affect the adhesive?

For rain I am just using the poncho. If I need something waterproof once in camp I can fashion the garbage sack into a makeshift poncho. I dropped the rain jacket a couple years ago along with a tent when I remembered how as a Boy Scout I used to get along quite well without both.

Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Re: JMT list on 08/11/2009 13:55:27 MDT Print View

ah ha, skipped right over the poncho. That in combo with your windhsirt will work well.

I normally re-wrap my tape around a larger sized paperclip but for this specific trip I wrapped 2 feet around a super small container of Gold Bond (travel size) I will be carrying.

Steven Thompson

Locale: Northeast
leukotape adherence on 08/11/2009 14:54:33 MDT Print View

Jonathan, how does rewrapping affect the tape adhesive. I've not used leukotape before and while definitely not needing a full roll am concerned that it won't adhere when pulled a 2nd time.

Edited by stevet on 08/11/2009 14:59:01 MDT.

Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: JMT list on 08/11/2009 14:58:48 MDT Print View

Steven -

"What are you wrapping the leukotape on? And how does a redo affect the adhesive?"

Try a pen barrel, or similar. I tried a cut down carbon fiber arrow shaft and found the ends splinter - they can add injury to insult. Also, whatever you use, it has to be big enough to hold onto. Leuko is tenacious, and pulling it off something to small is really tough.

As for re-do on the adhesive, I had no problems the first time around on a 11 day JMT in early July. It was hot then. Last week I used it again and found it pretty well baked, with the adhesive starting to de-bond. So, good for a warm trip or two, but needs to be checked (or chucked) after that, IMO.

Edited by greg23 on 08/11/2009 15:01:24 MDT.

Steven Thompson

Locale: Northeast
Re: JMT list on 08/12/2009 11:07:25 MDT Print View

I made a small roll, but finally settled on wrapping the leukotape lengthwise around my blood donor card. Packs really flat and seemed easier to pull off a length.

Rene de bos
(piemel) - F

Locale: SF Bay Area
lenses on 08/12/2009 13:22:14 MDT Print View

no extra pair of lenses?

Steven Thompson

Locale: Northeast
lenses on 08/12/2009 13:35:22 MDT Print View

I carry a spare (it my clean up kit), and have a fresh pair shipped in my MTR resupply.

(drown) - F - MLife

Locale: Shenandoah
"JMT Gear List" on 08/12/2009 15:08:40 MDT Print View

Is 1 oz of Sunblock enough for the JMT

I just spent 5 days with the same length of Leukotape on my feet, stuck on with Tincture of Benzoin. I was surprised how long it stayed on, so you may not need to bring as much extra tape as you might think.

Steven Thompson

Locale: Northeast
Sunblock on 08/12/2009 21:16:03 MDT Print View

I'll start with one ounce which has typically been more than enough for a week and have another ounce included in my MTR resupply.

Steven Tomson
(srtomson) - M

Locale: Washington/Idaho
Re: JMT Gear List on 08/13/2009 08:06:35 MDT Print View

Steve - this looks like a real good gear list to me. What is your base load weight ? Steve

Steven Thompson

Locale: Northeast
good question on 08/13/2009 18:05:02 MDT Print View

I don't know how much it weighs...yet. I've never carried this exact list, the closest trip to this weighed in at about 15 lbs, so that is my current guesstimate.

I'll be tossing it all together this weekend and making the final tweaks. I'll post an actual (to the pound, no digital scale) weight then.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
JMT Gear List on 08/13/2009 18:29:55 MDT Print View

Curious to know what that Mchale weighs?

Steven Thompson

Locale: Northeast
McHale Sarc-chasm on 08/14/2009 17:45:41 MDT Print View

My pack weighs 3.8 lbs.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
JMT Gear List on 08/14/2009 17:48:13 MDT Print View

Looking forward to your weight list. I think the pack would be the first thing to question if only because I think you are going to be quite light given your posted list.

Steven Thompson

Locale: Northeast
McHale weight on 08/14/2009 21:15:38 MDT Print View

Yes, I could shave 2 or more lbs from my load with a different pack. Been there. The load carrying ability of the frame and harness offer me comfort that I find more than offset the savings for anything more than a weekend trek.

For the most part given the feedback so far the list will change little, maybe with the exception of the thermal long johns which if the "10 day" suggests stable weather I'll leave behind.

A future upgrade for me may include a top bag or quilt which would probably suffice and save a pound vs. the WM Apache.

Still I like throwing the list out there, it changes a bit trek to trek, and I always get a few ideas that help me reduce just a bit more than I though about myself.

thanks, Steve

Michael Popov
(mpopov) - F

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: JMT list on 08/14/2009 23:13:03 MDT Print View

"I dropped the rain jacket a couple years ago along with a tent when I remembered how as a Boy Scout I used to get along quite well without both."

Hmm... I have seen Boy Scouts groups this year. Nothing has changed. Same 50 lbs pounds "everything but the kitchen sink" philosophy.

Maybe you were one of the advanced 'scouts. Used matches as logs to cross the sream and fire all night long in lieu of bear boxes.

No, scouts are stil being traditional. Not even a glimpse of UL.

Michael Popov
(mpopov) - F

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: JMT Gear List on 08/14/2009 23:19:17 MDT Print View

"Curious to know what that Mchale weighs?"

No mystery here, 195 lbs at 6'2' height.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
JMT Gear List on 08/14/2009 23:29:06 MDT Print View

I thought he was lighter than that.....