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Powdered Wine?
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Michael Freyman
(mfreyman) - MLife
Powdered Wine? on 02/22/2006 16:58:43 MST Print View

Huh? (Confused)

Joshua Mitchell
(jdmitch) - F

Locale: Kansas
Maybe Concentrated rather than powdered? on 02/22/2006 17:19:35 MST Print View

Typically, alcohol will evaporate (in the drying process) faster than water during a drying to powder process. I wonder if it is simply concentrated / fortified and is actually a liquid.

Charles Strusz
(infochuck) - F
Powdered wine - for cooking on 02/22/2006 17:58:00 MST Print View

It's for cooking with - either in the backcountry (say, add some to that dried beef stew, or use it in your own dried concoctions) or at home. I confess to frequently cooking with it at home when I don't have/don't want to open a bottle of white/red; it's quite good, and potent.

Definitely worth a try if you're even a bit of a foodie; 'Adventure Foods' carries a couple o' different kinds as well.

Douglas Frick
(Otter) - MLife

Locale: Wyoming
Re: Powdered wine - for cooking on 02/22/2006 18:40:00 MST Print View

>It's for cooking with[...]

I usually carry ethanol for stove fuel. It's expensive, but it isn't toxic (well, not like methanol anyway) and so can be used as an antiseptic. I wonder how the powdered wine would taste with a cup of filtered water and 1/4 oz of Everclear? Probably worse than an Everclear + Tang screwdriver...

Vick Hines
(vickrhines) - F

Locale: Central Texas
Re: Re: Powdered wine - for cooking on 02/22/2006 21:28:27 MST Print View

Powdered wine + Everclear, then blow in the bottle for a sparkling wine?

Just be sure to dillute the Everclear 8:1 for wine and 'mixed drinks' Its way dangerous without plenty of water.