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How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair
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Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 07/28/2009 23:07:58 MDT Print View

Modified my full length Neoair today. Final "inflated" length is 32". Click HERE for all you need to know about this project...enjoy!

**This is actually fairly easy to do, so if you want a shorter pad go ahead and give it a go. That said, a few key points to look out for is:

1) The top and bottom fabric seem to be slightly different widths (by just a tad) so it is important to follow the directions and start the bond in the center. Then work the corners down. I found this to be easier then starting from the corners and working the creases down in the center.

2)Keep in mind that when you cut the pad, you must leave sufficient space from the baffle bond line in order to leave yourself enough material to make another bond. If you muff that part up, you will have to cut to the next baffle which could be a few inches and therefore your pad will be a few inches shorter

3)I cut my uninflated pad to about 36" and it measured 32" when inflated...give yourself about 4 inches extra for inflation.

4)I'm not responsible for your leaky pad. ;)

32" modified Neoair

Edited by Steve_Evans on 07/29/2009 16:46:57 MDT.

/A .
(biointegra) - MLife

Locale: Puget Sound
Re: How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 07/28/2009 23:19:53 MDT Print View


It's a bit of a mummer they don't sell them that size, although if you can get 2 pads out of 1, perhaps the price is a bit more within feason (feasability+reason).

Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 07/28/2009 23:43:21 MDT Print View

Awesome work! Will be interested to hear how much it weighs now and how it seems to be holding up.

There are a lot of folks who would love to cut down a 25 inch wide NeoAir to 25x48 inches.

Jared Cook
(rooinater) - F

Locale: Northwet
Re: How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 07/29/2009 00:10:41 MDT Print View

it was only a matter of time before someone started hacking them up and making them smaller. Anxiously awaiting more info and pics.

Ryan Teale
(monstertruck) - F

Locale: Almost Yosemite
How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 07/29/2009 01:41:46 MDT Print View

A 25x48 Neoair would be awesome. I have the short but would enjoy the extra width. Anxiously awaiting the details!

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
very nice! on 07/29/2009 07:35:53 MDT Print View

looks great, get some sleep and then share the details :)

a 25x48 is what I'd really like (if I was really frugal I'd two 25x38.5's and sell one :))

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 07/29/2009 13:08:51 MDT Print View

Just finished uploading all my info to my website...not really in the mood to do it again over here, so...

Click HERE for all you need to know about this project...I even made a video for you guys while I was doing it. Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy!


p.s. I can't watch that video without cracking up. My girlfriend watched it and almost broke up with me...:)

Gary Boyd
(debiant) - F

Locale: Mid-west
Steve... on 07/29/2009 14:54:44 MDT Print View

Have you mauled the other half or could you apply a thermarest valve kit to it and make your own 2nd out of it. 2 pads for the price of one?

Casey Bowden
(clbowden) - MLife

Locale: Berkeley Hills
How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 07/29/2009 15:32:03 MDT Print View


You are "the man". I bow down to you. Thanks so much for risking your pad and documenting the steps.

Jesse H.
(tacedeous) - MLife

Locale: East Bay, CA
Re: Re: How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 07/29/2009 15:32:17 MDT Print View

The force is strong with this one! LOL

thats awesome, I tried this on an old traillite some years ago, with no success it looked sealed, but had a leak... i thank you for doing this...

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 07/29/2009 16:37:12 MDT Print View

There was some "minor" mauling on the lower half. I practiced sealing the scrap section about 5 times and also made a sorry attempt at giving it a mummy shape, which is how I found out you can't "rebond" the baffled bond lines. That said, I did keep it and plan on grabbing one of the thermarest valves to see if I can make any use of it.

Casey, Jesse,
Thanks guys. That's my first of many little episodes I want to put together. I'm just glad it actually worked...when you see me inflating it in the video, that is actually the first time I did it. It may not look like it, but I was pretty hyped when it didn't blow open. I had a bunch of other clips with me sitting on it and stuff, but youtube has a 10 minute maximum so I had to cut some stuff out.

I've updated the first post to include some information which I think is important during the process - just to emphasize a few key points.

Victor Chien
(movementality) - M

Locale: New England
Salvaging the NeoAir scrap on 07/29/2009 16:45:39 MDT Print View


Great work. Thanks also for the video.

Would love to hear about your success with resealing the other half with a valve repair kit.


Brad Groves
(4quietwoods) - MLife

Locale: Michigan
Re: How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 07/30/2009 14:49:11 MDT Print View

Sweet! Thanks, Steve! Now if those size larges would just ship...

Jack H.
(Found) - F

Locale: Sacramento, CA
Re: Re: How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 08/01/2009 12:23:53 MDT Print View

Looking forward to a long term trip report!

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 08/02/2009 11:02:12 MDT Print View

I checked for leaks (water submersion) a couple days after the video with no bubbles, and have had it inflated for at least 4 days. It's as firm as the day I inflated it, but obviously still have to test it in the field. I have high hopes!

Jesse H.
(tacedeous) - MLife

Locale: East Bay, CA
:) on 08/02/2009 18:01:47 MDT Print View

sweet, let us know...

slept on my neoair small last night... (great sleep BTW) and of course saying my goodbye.. ;)

I use a chair kit (BA cyclone)I figure Ill just fold down the sides, to the 20" needed for the chair...

Shawn Wandell
(stwandell) - F

Locale: Too close to lights
Option for "other half"... on 08/03/2009 15:25:55 MDT Print View

I can't help but wonder if the other half couldn't be sealed as the inflatible pillows sold here on BPL (FlexAir variety).

Insert a thin strip of material allowing inflation via a straw or plastic tube... when tube is removed the internal pressure on the flat material becomes self sealing.

Steve, I have the Large NeoAir and wondered when someone had the courage to do what you did. Thank you for the post. Can't wait to see your updates.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
update neo air cut on 08/13/2009 17:06:58 MDT Print View

still holding air? (fingers crossed)

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: update neo air cut on 08/19/2009 07:42:47 MDT Print View

It held air for at least a week in my spare room...and I took it out on an overnighter last week. No problems - it "seems" to be as strong as the original bond. I have a 5 day trip planned for next week so keep those fingers crossed!

David Franzen
(dfranzen) - F

Locale: Germany
Re: Cut and Reseal a Neoair on 04/12/2010 19:48:40 MDT Print View

Did any of you try this with other thermarest mats?
I own a prolite, which I would like to be a bit shorter.
I read that someone failed shortening an old traillite, any other experiences?