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Primaloft One how thick.
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Barrie Grieve
(barrie_grieve) - F

Locale: Fife, Scotland
Primaloft One how thick. on 07/21/2009 13:19:38 MDT Print View

I am looking at putting together a top bag using Primaloft one, but can't find a plain-english answer - how thick for around 0 deg C - 60g, 133g or 200g sq/m.
In warm weather it will be used with underware, adding extra clothing as the temp drops to 0 deg C, then in winter it will be used inside a Buffalo bag.

Jim Colten
(jcolten) - M

Locale: MN
Re: Primaloft One how thick. on 07/21/2009 18:16:30 MDT Print View

Of course it depends on the size of your personal furnace and how well you fuel it but ...

I made a Momentum + 6oz/yd**2 PL1 + scrim + Momentum quilt and balaclava. It bottoms out at about 25*F (-4*C) when I wear SD down booties, REI Sahara pants, short sleeve synthetic T shirt, long sleeve BSA scout shirt, uninsulated hooded wind breaker and a single ply Smartwool balaclava. I was on an old school 1.5 inch full length thermarest pad. Ground was not frozen.

Add an oversized 3 oz/yd**2 Climashield XP quilt over that and light weight X-Static long underwear tops and bottoms and a full length Ridgerest pad and I'm good to a bit below 0*F (-18*C). This was on snow.

Edit: The two quilt cold weather setup was also in a bivy zipped up to chin level, head exposed. Both situations were under a 5x8 tarp.

Edited by jcolten on 07/21/2009 22:59:40 MDT.

David Wills
(willspower3) - F
Re: Primaloft One how thick. on 07/21/2009 19:07:18 MDT Print View

my 5oz climashield xp topbag bottoms out around 25* F if i had to pick one number. 133g sounds like it would be a good fit to get to 32* with the addition of clothes if you are an average sleeper. Much more than that would be a bit too hot in warm weather. Check out they have info related to insulations capabilities, although their ratings seem to be more like lower limit ratings as opposed to comfort ratings.

are you using any type of pad sleeve on your top bag or just going with 1 layer nylon on the bottom? Im pretty happy with mine just using 1 layer of nylon, but im curious to see a MYOG pad sleeve

Elliott Wolin
(ewolin) - MLife

Locale: Hampton Roads, Virginia
RE:Primaloft One how thick on 07/22/2009 11:05:26 MDT Print View

Read the guide on the Mammaut site The table in section 9 summarizes all the various recommendations of sleeping bag CLO vs temperature rating.

I go somewhere between the EN "standard woman" rating and the "standard man" (or "Lower Comfort Rating"). The woman has no heat generation capability but the man likes wearing everything he's got.

On the other hand says both those are way over-rated, and the "American Standard" is accurate.

Unfortunately I don't have enough experience with my quilts in enough conditions to tell.

Edited by ewolin on 07/23/2009 19:27:57 MDT.

Barrie Grieve
(barrie_grieve) - F

Locale: Fife, Scotland
Re: Topbag idea on 07/22/2009 13:24:39 MDT Print View

Basic idea as follows, Pertex Quantum shell (possibly Endurance outer bottom) and lining with a 133gm (thanks David) Primaloft One filling, a sleeping pad sleeve on the bottom to fit my Vango Ultralight full length mattress and a pillow. I'm guessing that it'll work out at around 500g max when built with a roomy cut.