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TT Scarp wind curtain (?)
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Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
TT Scarp wind curtain (?) on 07/19/2009 23:30:16 MDT Print View

Finally got around at attempting a "wind/spinn drift" curtain for my Scarp.
This is more of an idea than a final version, maybe some will like to do their own "shaped" version.
I just added 4 corner loops , one piece of omnitape (Velcro that sticks to itself) and two more loops at the bottom corners (where the Tyvek goes straight down to it) to the Rainbow's groundsheet. (2.2m x1m/ 7.22'x 3.2')
The Omnitape is supported by the buckle that keeps the door closed.
There is some wind in my backyard today, oddly from that direction, but only strong enough to show where it "balloons" , still looks OK.
A full or half full pack should help to keep it down.
I would expect a lot of flapping but it may work for some. If you put some time in it, than you could have it tight enough to minimise the flapping (?)
In the picture from the other side (outside) I cheated because the pole is inside a small hole that I dug with the peg. You can have it down further if you dig a bit more. .The fly is about 4" up in that shot.
The pack is inside the "vestibule " area, where the groundsheet finishes would be the other side of the floor. (the grass area would be the vestibule/entrance you use)
This was prompted by the guys in the UK that like to cook inside the tent AND out of the wind (funny mob) . Apparently over there dry weather means smaller rain drops.

1x piece of Tyvek, some shock cord, a bit of Omnitape (from my JRB mat) , some hot glue and duct tape (for good measure...) and an hour of my time
Pip, the Chief Inspector , fell asleep during the job.
Scarp wind curtain 1
Scarp wind curtain 2
Scarp wind curtain 3
Note that it isn't that flat, not that you would see that once the inner is on top, but you could pull it flat by addind two pegs at the near corners rather than using the Scarp corner clips.

Edited by Franco on 07/19/2009 23:34:40 MDT.

Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
TT Scarp wind curtain (?) on 07/19/2009 23:39:48 MDT Print View

Looks like a heavy setup. How much does that cat weigh? Surely you could use a peg/stake or something else to weigh the tyvek down and save quite a bit of weight? Pegs are also more convenient as they pack smaller and you don't have to feed them.

On the other hand, the cat is multiuse. Very useful for keeping feet warm in your sleeping bag at night.

Edited by ashleyb on 07/19/2009 23:40:48 MDT.

Stuart Allie

Locale: Australia
Cats are the greatest SUL hikers on 07/19/2009 23:54:58 MDT Print View

I think it's very telling that you can buy backpacks for dogs to wear, but nobody makes such a thing for cats. If you try to put a dog coat on a cat it just lies down and refuses to move (yes, I've tried it).

I guess this makes cats the greatest SUL hikers as they get their human (or dog!) slaves to carry everything for them so their base weight is always zero.

On-topic - that mod has potential Franco. Something similar would work for the Moment too I guess. Although that's single skin, so it depends how it's all joined up. And the 5" bathtub floor in the Moment might make it superfluous :)

Tax return coming my way soon - might have to do some tarptent shopping :)

Edited by stuart.allie on 07/19/2009 23:57:27 MDT.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
TT Scarp wind curtain (?) on 07/20/2009 00:00:34 MDT Print View

Pip having a Moment
Pip likes my tents. I was not too happy when she liked the Akto as well... but that was on loan.
To make sure, I had made my own Moment to see if she liked that too...
(made with Unobtanium, it can be clear or opaque )

The Moment has already that on the inside. That is the reason for the extended bathtub floor. (it can go up to the mesh area, not visible in my shot...)
Apparently someone hiked some or all of the Appalachian Trail with a cat !

Edited by Franco on 07/20/2009 00:04:47 MDT.