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hammock underquilt 3/4 length
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te - wa
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Locale: Phoenix
hammock underquilt 3/4 length on 07/16/2009 10:11:13 MDT Print View

im putting this underquilt for sale on the forum because it has the old suspension system, and i dont want to ask retail
(as seen on my site,
This model's only difference is it does not use the bungee suspension upgrade that i started installing last month. in place of the bungee system, it has the static flat cord in the end channels that you must position manually *and because of this, it takes slightly more time adjusting the snug fit, especially in bottom entry netted hammocks like the HH line.*

but, for top loaders or zippered hammocks, it works perfectly well.

this is:
~40"x52" (3/4 length)
~14oz in stuff sack
suspension kit included
stuff sack included
7oz Hungarian 800+ goose down
30° comfort rating (or better)
fits most if not all end-gathered hammocks
pics show underquilt attached to a Warbonnet Blackbird.
shipped for $175
brand new, tested for quality inspection purposes, and ready to Rock!
see the te-wa UQ video instructions right here:




actual quilt for sale is silver underside, black outside

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te - wa
(mikeinfhaz) - F

Locale: Phoenix
summer underquilt too! on 07/19/2009 11:27:10 MDT Print View

in case you're wondering... will this be too hot for summer use?
that depends on where you hang of course, but this quilt is perfect for temps as high as 70° (which is, btw, about the temp where you need to consider under-insulation)
you'll simply loosen the drawcords at the end channels to allow hot air to escape. *for instance, in the pic with me inside the hammock, the outside temp was about 73° and i was not hot. i have not had any sweating issues all year in different locations and circumstances, as opposed to different pads that i have used (the worst case: ccf -ive woken up soaking wet b/c they just dont breathe)

so for a quilt that has a temp range of 70° down to 30° (or less) you can't beat 13 ounces..

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