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Applying UL lessons to life -- suggested reading?
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Luymes Ted

Locale: So Cal.
Applying UL lessons to life -- suggested reading? on 07/08/2009 23:59:13 MDT Print View

One of the things I enjoyed most about rereading Ray Jardine's Beyond Backpacking is the undertone that UL principles carry over into everyday life. Doing more with less on the trail leads me to think of ways to simplify other areas of life. I just turned 45 and there's a lot of junk -- physical, financial, and Karmic -- I could jettison.

Anyone have reading suggestions/comments along these lines?

stefan hoffman
(puckem) - F

Locale: between trees
UL Living on 07/09/2009 00:18:51 MDT Print View

Not really reading, but a cool website. A lot of lightweight versions of the same old stuff we dont need, with a hint of Jardineism.

I read a little book years ago called "Clutters Last Stand" by Don Aslett, and have systematically screened all of my belongings ever since.

Im interested to see what people have to say about Karmic and Mental UL conversion. I sometimes wonder if the obsession with the physical side of UL is a reflection of a much deeper issue.

cary bertoncini
(cbert) - F

Locale: N. California
"Walden" on 07/09/2009 00:39:31 MDT Print View

maybe "Radical Simplicity" if you want something more contemporary

Robert Bryant
(KG4FAM) - F

Locale: Upstate
Re: Applying UL lessons to life -- suggested reading? on 07/09/2009 03:58:44 MDT Print View

Don't read, just go out and do it. Its simple logic. You don't like paying a heating bill in the winter, go and cut some wood and build a fire or just wear a heavy coat. Don't like paying a water bill, build an outhouse or bring in a honeypot. Ect, ect. My mother has just about every self help book that has been on Opera (and she does read them) and they havn't done a thing because she is using them as a method instead of a reference. Books on simplicity can be a good reference, but the method or philosophy if want to call it that must be your own.

Just out of curiosity, are you willing to use a honeypot or outhouse in your daily life?

Also here is a pretty cool blog.

Matt Lutz
(citystuckhiker) - F

Locale: Midwest
Re: Re: Applying UL lessons to life -- suggested reading? on 07/09/2009 05:57:46 MDT Print View

I recently read "The Long Walk" by Richard Bachmann a/k/a Stephen King. Throughout the whole thing, I thought," "If I were doing this, what would I wear and carry?"

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Applying UL lessons to life -- suggested reading? on 07/09/2009 07:37:53 MDT Print View

Charles Grier
(Rincon) - M

Locale: Desert Southwest
Applying UL lessons to life -- suggested reading? on 07/09/2009 08:42:45 MDT Print View

The book "Your Money or Your Life" by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin covers a lot of this sort of thing and also describes a way of getting off the consumerist treadmill and making oneself financially independent.

For me, this book was a real eye-opener and I took a lot of what they discussed to heart. Basically, they recommend living below your means and saving and investing the rest. At some point, you will be able to live on the income from your investments. I did this and was able to retire while I was still in my 50's.

Also, Google the subject of voluntary simplicity; there is quite a community that practices this way of life.

Ali e
(barefootnavigator) - F

Locale: Outside
"Applying UL lessons to life -- suggested reading?" on 07/09/2009 09:47:17 MDT Print View

Ted, we have a site dedicated to living with less. We currently live off of $1.00 per hour for two adults and two dogs. Thats right $720.00 per month. We work less and play more every year. I still have a car but I use it for my business but I am planning on retiring within the year and with it wil go the car. I just turned 41 and my wife is 28 so we are still kinda young and abusable. Every year I seem to need just a bit more than I did the last so we are constantly adjusting our lifestlye. On a plus side I dont remember the last time I missed a sunrise or sunset. Life seems to get longer every day. Ali

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Applying UL lessons to life -- suggested reading? on 07/09/2009 10:09:44 MDT Print View

I think a great place to start is to cultivate (or further strengthen) your own sense of contentment. Folks who get their 'highs' from new toys can expect to have a harder time avoiding clutter -- and self-inflicted complications.

But to the extent you can cultivate joy and contentment from within yourself -- and less from external stimuli like material things or even relationships -- then the more control you will have in ordering / simplifying your life.

Life is obviously not black and white -- but a thousand shades of gray. To me, it's a matter of achieving the right balance...

Ali e
(barefootnavigator) - F

Locale: Outside
"Applying UL lessons to life -- suggested reading?" on 07/09/2009 10:15:07 MDT Print View

No truer words have ever been spoken. Ali

Gary Boyd
(debiant) - F

Locale: Mid-west
The Tightwad Gazette on 07/09/2009 13:18:57 MDT Print View

my Amy Dacyczyn (that's pronounced decision, as in she made the decision to marry a Ukranian guy)

Matthew Steingass
(Steingass) - F

Locale: Washington
RE: Applying UL lessons to life -- suggested reading on 07/10/2009 01:37:38 MDT Print View

Couple of my favorites.

Edited by Steingass on 07/10/2009 01:46:57 MDT.

Jason Elsworth
(jephoto) - M

Locale: New Zealand
Reading on 07/10/2009 17:01:19 MDT Print View

Douglas Rushkoff has a new book called Life inc. I have only read exerts yet, as it is not available in New Zealand, but it looks very interesting.

+ 1 for your money or your life.

Personally the area where I would really like to see more innovation in the world of UL backpacking is in us working together as a community to:

1. Support cottage industry manufacturers
2. Help those who want to to spend more time hiking and less time working. What do we really want, a pack that is 1lb lower or an extra month to go hiking every year?

Rick Cheehy
(kilgoretrout2317) - F

Locale: Virginia
Re: Reading on 07/10/2009 17:51:46 MDT Print View

The Tao, cool old school philosophy from our bro's in the east.
"In the emptiness of the bucket we find it's usefulness."

Yes, I do like the grateful dead, but I gotta job!

Rick Cheehy
(kilgoretrout2317) - F

Locale: Virginia
Re: Re: Reading on 07/10/2009 17:52:57 MDT Print View

Oh yes, kurt vonnegut of course, see through the granfallons.

Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: Re: Re: Reading on 07/12/2009 07:26:39 MDT Print View


Edited by annapurna on 01/28/2010 10:24:21 MST.

Craig W.
(xnomanx) - F - M
Re: Re: Re: Re: Reading on 07/12/2009 08:53:45 MDT Print View

"Does It Matter? (Essays on Man's Relation to Materiality)" by Alan Watts

Monty Montana
(TarasBulba) - MLife

Locale: Rocky Mountains
Re: Reading on 07/13/2009 21:48:13 MDT Print View

Another by Alan Watts: "The Book".