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My basic gear list.
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Thomas Walsh
(Militaris) - F
My Base Pack Weight on 06/27/2009 20:57:18 MDT Print View

Here is my Basic gear list. Mainly after thoughts on what I should replace to maximize weight savings. Certain I have left out a few small items.

Pack: Vaude Civetta 32L 1300g (46oz)
Tent: Exped Vela 1 Extreme 1400g (49oz)
Pad: Thermarest Prolite 3 570g (20oz)
Bag: Fairydown Superlite 830g (29oz)

Jacket: Fairydown no model 630g (22oz)
Pants: ESS entrant Pants 590g (21oz)

Primus Cooker 240g (8oz)
Primus Billy +Spork 400g (14oz)

Zebra Headlamp 63g (2oz)

Icebreaker 250 310g (11 oz)
Icebreaker 200 259g (9 oz)
Macpac Interwool 320g (11oz)

Columbia Paclite pants 288g (8oz)

Bridgedale Socks 112 (4oz)

edit: added clothing weight.

My thoughts

Pack: I find the pack nice and comfy, could be slightly larger I feel.

Tent: Not entirely pleased with the design, considering changing it.

Pad: I never used a sleeping pad once, but have gotten soft. Considering changing to a Exped DownMat which would increase total weight.

Rain Jacket... Thinking of replacing it with a Marmot Mica?

Rain Paints. I only take these when I expect to be walking through snow, so not a high priority item.

This small primus cooker was one of the first outdoor items I ever purchased. Never realized how heavy it was. Because it is small and compact never given it much thought.

The primus billy seems to be quite heavy.


I am amazed that the Icebreaker 250 and the Macpac Interwool are nearly the same weight, the Interwool appears to be much thicker.

I also normally include a light fleece which I can not find to weigh.

Edited by Militaris on 06/27/2009 23:08:32 MDT.

Shane Stewart
(anacrime) - F
Re: My Base Pack Weight on 06/28/2009 01:22:16 MDT Print View

Where abouts are you doing most of your backpacking? That will help folks critique you're gearlist a bit better.

But from the looks of it you can shave weight on nearly everything, if you are looking to go Lightweight/Ultralight. What you have appears to be a solid, traditional load, just not LW/UL.

Basically the weight of your packing, sleeping, and rain gear can be cut in half fairly easily without investing in top of the line ultralight gear.

Also wouldn't be a bad idea to organize your stuff on a Excel spreadsheet or Google Doc. Much easier for you to stay organized and for us to read.

Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
Re: My Base Pack Weight on 06/28/2009 01:26:47 MDT Print View

Jacket: Fairydown no model 630g (22oz)
Pants: ESS entrant Pants 590g (21oz)

Primus Cooker 240g (8oz)
Primus Billy +Spork 400g (14oz)

Start here ^^^.

This stuff is easily twice the weight of what most people use and can be replaced fairly cheaply.

Thomas Walsh
(Militaris) - F
My basic gear list on 06/28/2009 04:46:27 MDT Print View

Thanks, I uploaded my spreadsheet to google docs. Sorry about the ugly formating

Thinking of replacing my primus with a Vargo Titanium stove. Weighs in at 28g so a saving of 212g. Have not decided on a new pot, but should be able to remove 250g. I can not remember why I started using my Primus pot for backpacking, I initially purchased it more for car tramping.

Depending on fit, I hope to replace my current Jacket with a Marmot mica which should save 430g. I only take the waterproof pants when snow climbing so they are used rarely so I think I would tolerate the extra weight.

So thats a initial saving of around 892g.

Johann Burkard
(johannb) - F

Locale: Europe
Re: My Base Pack Weight on 06/28/2009 05:27:10 MDT Print View

Jacket: Fairydown no model 630g (22oz)
Pants: ESS entrant Pants 590g (21oz)

Get a more lightweight jacket. I have two Montane Quickfire jackets (eVent, ~300 g). Also, the waterproof pant is really too heavy. Montane makes an Entrant DT pant that weighs 170 g. DriDucks are lighter and cheaper, as is Tyvek.

Also, why two waterproof pants? Get a pair of lightweight (Pertex Microlight or Pertex Quantum) pants and take the waterproof pants in case of bad weather.

Your pack is heavy :-) My lightest pack weighs 112 g, that's less than 1/10th your pack. You can go with a frameless pack and use your pad for padding, see this thread and this thread for details.

The Zebra light is cool and I have one as well.

Tent, pad and sleeping bag... The others have more experience on this.

For summer, get some ultralight underwear. GoLite has the Silk models that are stupid light (just wearing one).