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Aqua Mira Drops
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Tim Testa
(MichaelRedbeard) - F
Aqua Mira Drops on 06/19/2009 00:40:46 MDT Print View

Are these going to do the same thing as a MSR miniwroks filter. I am afraid of drinking parasites found in the water and having worms coming out of my ass. Seriously, it is like my third greatest fear in life. I never ever ever want to get butt worms.

James Byrnes
(backfeets1) - M

Locale: Midwest.... Missouri
TRY THIS... on 06/19/2009 02:00:35 MDT Print View

Aqua Mira makes a filter bottle. 22 oz, replaceable drop in filter 5.05 oz weight, flip top dirt guard. I always wonder if I practice over kill at times but I once had my repackaged AQ dropper bottle split down the side, and I had the filter to fall back on. Also had the experience of water leaking past the threads of the filter bottle, couldn't tell if the filter was bypassed or not. Peace of mind is a good thing :)

Richard Mueller
(richca) - F - M

Locale: Western USA
Re: Aqua Mira Drops on 06/19/2009 09:55:57 MDT Print View

The aquamira drops are claimed to be effective against bacteria, protozoa, and viruses after the recommended wait time which I understand to be 15 minutes for warm water and 30 minutes for cold water. The MSR miniworks filter is effective against bacteria and protozoa but not viruses. However, the miniworks filter contains a carbon element which removes unpleasant tastes and odors.

Richard Mueller
(richca) - F - M

Locale: Western USA
Re: Re: Aqua Mira Drops on 06/22/2009 11:39:13 MDT Print View

I need to edit what I posted earlier on this thread. The Aquamira drops are not as powerful as the Aquamira tablets unless you triple the recommended dosage from what I read in another thread here "Aquamira LIQUID drops vs. Aquamira TABLETS"

The 15-30 minute dwell time for either the drops or tablets is effective against bacteria and viruses but is effective against protozoa such as Cryptosporidium only if the water is clear and at 20C. The effective dwell time for cryptosporidium could be as long as 4 hours if the water is 4C. Check out the above thread for more info on this.