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GOING WEST....COME WITH ME on 06/18/2009 19:39:48 MDT Print View

GOING WEST.......looking for you - 2009/06/10 22:27
am planning a trip from new york, out west, to the other coast, I am looking for a free spirited person who will share my joys and frustrations. I dont care if your a guy or girl, but you probably may, Its odd enough to do something like this with a stranger not to mention a potential looney, yes I am guilty of being a guy, should you have second thoughts you should know that I''m near celebant, you might as well be going with your girlfriend, i wont lay a hand on you, we will exchange thoughts and pictures anyways and of course meet prior for planning and introductions. Here are the only motives I have:
we will experience nature’s flickering atmospheres, his mood swings without a roof, we will go and find answers, yes and mosquitoes of course. Anyone whose brain starts salivating at the thought of adventure, anyone who finds comfort in the bosom of nature, anyone whose feet itch for the bushy road, anyone whose direction is defined by paved roads and flickering lights, anyone whose humanity is confined and obtuse within four straight walls, buttons and remote controls, anyone whose starving for raw human contact, anyone who is tired of watching life being played out in glass screens, anyone who feels asphyxiated and crushed by the assimilated cauldron army that is youth, anyone who wants to see people with dimension rather than the ironed out masses, anyone whose ever felt the cardiac meltdown of the joy of being under the sun, and the systemic sting of bliss on your skin, and the “unbearable lightness of being” at peace. Yes my mouth is a1faucet,let me drip some more.
I am not going purposefully ill prepared, we wont be drinking out own urine to conserve body fluids. There are lots of good people waiting for us to meet them. I want to do something meaningful, something right, I am hungry for raw human contact, I am yearning the simple life the year around. I want to embrace the earth before I embrace it for good. I want to have dirt under my nails, sun soaked into my skin, I want to hear the rumble of being in a solitary state, I want to love every rock, every loose leaf, where nothing is misplaced or a bad fit, every twig, every drop of dew is wed to its location, nature’s finely threaded web captures you, things fall and gravitate into their place by their core natures, there is no other way to put it as is the case when you juggle words to put together a sentence, I want to rub against all that barks, trees and such. Anyways yes high and mighty words, yes I am a little unrealistic and on the bookish side. But I want this more than anything, write me about yourself. I dont care what you do or dont do, if your in capacity to want it, you qualify. my e-mail is

Joshua Billings
(Joshua) - MLife

Locale: Santa Cruz,Ca
You the man on 06/18/2009 20:55:03 MDT Print View

Love it up!