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thru-hikers 2006/ultralight
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jonathan hauptman

Locale: A white padded room in crazy town.
thru-hikers 2006/ultralight on 02/03/2006 10:38:04 MST Print View

I was just wondering if anyone else is planning a thru-hike this year(A.T., P.C.T., C.D.T., etc., etc....). I am in the process of getting plans together for my upcoming A.T. thru hike. Have tried once before and failed, but have learned a lot since then. I am now carrying a pack one third as heavy as during my previous attempt and am in much better shape physically. I just thought I would see what others are doing in regards to such hikes this year. Sure takes a lot of time to prepare for these hikes, but I did not take enougth time to prepare the last time. Will not make the same mistake twice. Anyone else repeating a previous attempt, if so better luck this time.

Michael Demchak
(mikey) - F

Locale: new england
Re: thru-hikers 2006/ultralight on 02/09/2006 18:28:28 MST Print View

Jonathan, im planning on hiking the AT next year. and lets just say i've never been much of a planner at all. when i did my long trail hike, i literally planned the night before. so could you elaborate on how you didnt have enough preperation time? i just dont want to make the same mistake you did.

David Walters
(Skate) - F
Re: Re: thru-hikers 2006/ultralight on 02/09/2006 20:23:45 MST Print View

I'm planning on doing a thru hike of the AT this summer, you can check out a past post in the gear lists that people have responded to about choices for the AT pack list. I look forward to reading the posts as they come in. I will respond more later with my finalized gear and food (that i have started collecting in bulk) , but i must go study for this Wildlife Fisheries Science exam that I have tomorrow. Cheers, Dave

jonathan hauptman

Locale: A white padded room in crazy town.
Re: Re: thru-hikers 2006/ultralight on 02/10/2006 10:47:17 MST Print View

I am kind of an odd hiker. I do not spend time in towns, do not buy food in town, do not stay in shelters, do not carry more than 10-15 lbs of stuff(consumables included/just too lazy to carry comfort items and an old leg injury means weight=ouch), mail drop everything from food to supplies, to gear, etc... I have obssessive compulsive dissorder and have to plan evrything as well as possible, must have everything dialed in and under control as best as possible or it drives me a little batty. I almost always hike solo because I drive hiking partners a little crazy with my obssessive organizing and need to time, plan, coordinate, and control every aspect of a hike(sleep now, eat then, hike here, carry this, etc...). Because of all this if everything is not planned right, I could find myself alone in the cold rain 20-30 miles from town, miles from shelter, with no food and improper gear. Forced to tough out the night! It has happened to me before, but hopefully not agian any time soon.
I guess I am just a bit quirky, but oh well HYOH!
Last year I decided not be so concerned about planning, my obssessive compulsiveness made me not a happy camper. I would like to throw out plans and just go with the flow, but I am what I am, control freak to the last!!!

Anyway, I hope you have a great hike and make it all the way, just remember not to be like Jon(plan but do not freak over little details).