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Waterproof quilt
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Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Waterproof quilt on 06/05/2009 10:17:35 MDT Print View

Seems like I saw where someone here was building a WP quilt out of cuben.

I have used a vaper barrier a few time in above freezing temps and I found them somewhat uncomfortable and clammy.

That said it seems to me that with a quilt that either was mostly open to the foot, or had a foot box vent, being so open whould help the clammy issue.

Also wondering what it would be like at say 60-70 degrees.

I was thinking about poly fill, but considering its WP it might as well be down filled.

I am thinking about either a screw top vent or a small mesh area to let air in and out.

I think I will build a test run out of cheap materials first.

Any feedback appreciated.

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Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
Re: Waterproof quilt on 06/05/2009 12:05:17 MDT Print View

Hi Tony,

I have made 2 sleeping bags out of 100% Cuben and used Primaloft One for one sleeping bag and Climashield XP for the other. Both sleeping bags have Cuben non-insulated bottoms.

I made a Down Quilt with Cuben on one side and Pertex Quantum on the other side.

Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Re: Re: Waterproof quilt on 06/05/2009 12:51:31 MDT Print View

I think I saw a pic of the quilt.

What size is it??
What does it weigh ??
How does it sleep in above freezing weather ??

Tim Marshall
(MarshLaw303) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Re: Re: Re: Waterproof quilt on 06/05/2009 22:38:29 MDT Print View

Like this?