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Towards a Zero Footprint Environmental Responsibility for BPL
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Einstein X
(EinsteinX) - F

Locale: The Netherlands
Re: Towards a Zero Footprint Environmental Responsibility for BPL on 08/17/2006 04:09:18 MDT Print View

Haven't read the entire thread so i appologice if i mention something that is already mentioned.

I think the most important and most effective thing you can do over there in the US is voting for an administartion that will sign the Kyoto-protocol, the next time you have elections. Don't vote for an administration that is so arogant to be affraid of their current economy. Your economy is doing just fine. If your government would be smart they should start investing a lot in non-petrol based energy and if you are succesfull in it, than you can sell that new technology to the new comers in world economy. Take a look at Norway, 99% of their energy is from water powered generators!

Furthermore you should start paying more taxes. Now i know that taxes are a very delicate isue in the US and it's no fun paying them, but they can do a lot of good.

Let's take a look at petrol. Here in Holland i pay $1,90 per liter (!) petrol. Of that $1,90 66% is tax, which is outragously much, but in the US what do you pay for a gallon?

These taxes are used for many things, like building roads, hospitals and are also used to invest in 'green' solutions like windmills.

So you want to minimise your invironmental impact?

-Vote for a pro invironmental administration,
-Drive a low energy consuming car instead of a big SUV,

Much more effective than BPL printing on recycled paper.


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Sam Haraldson
(sharalds) - MLife

Locale: Gallatin Range
Re: Re: Towards a Zero Footprint Environmental Responsibility for BPL on 08/17/2006 21:09:07 MDT Print View


You're probably preaching to the choir here but that's okay because these are all things that need to be said.

I agree with most of your statement except for the one about hydroelectric power. In order for hydroeletric plants to work the potential energy in water needs to be stored and released at a high rate which often involves the building of dams - one thing America has way too many of and needs to tear down not build up.

My personal feeling on the status of the environment is for everyone to act responsibly as an individual and hope that it speaks volumes to your co-workers, friends, family and onlookers. For instance I go around and take care of recycling at my workplace because the company doesn't really do it. People around the office have all taken note and now help me with it and I think this gets them to thinking about it in their own lives.

I could go on but now I'm preaching to the choir.