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3 season gear list
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Brian Hall
summer gear list on 05/30/2009 21:01:10 MDT Print View

Not really looking to spend abunch of money to shed a few more ounces. Just looking for some suggestions on stuff to leave out or see if theres anything I might be leaving out. Title was supposed to say "summer gear list" but it wouldnt let me change it.

Golite Ion - 10oz

Golite poncho tarp - 10oz
BPL stakes 1oz

Sleeping Gear:
Lafuma 45deg. synthetic bag - 20oz
Thermarest Prolite3 short mat - 14oz
BPL Flex air ultralight pillow - 1oz
Tigoat ptarmigan bivy- 7oz

Cooking Gear:
MSR Pocket Rocket- 3oz
Fuel canister 6oz
REI titanium pot w/ lid- 5oz
Bic lighter- 1oz
Katydyn Hiker pro filter- 13oz

Other Gear:
Bandana- 1oz
Kelty triptease 40ft- 1oz
OR waterproof food bag- 4oz
Platypus 1 liter bladder- 3oz

Comes out to 6 lbs and 4oz if my math is good. I usually dont carry any extra clothes in the summer because i'm only out for 3 days at a time. So add food and a full platypus and a couple other small things i'm sure i forgot and my weight comes out around 10 lbs.

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Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: summer gear list on 05/31/2009 00:38:00 MDT Print View

> Katydyn Hiker pro filter- 13oz

Steripen Adventurer 3.56 oz.
Kills protozoa and bacteria and also viruses (which the Hiker cannot block).


Jamie Shortt
(jshortt) - MLife

Locale: North Carolina
re: summer gear list on 05/31/2009 05:37:44 MDT Print View

Brian, Last summer I set out to do the same thing. Develop a very light weight set of gear for summer without spending too much money. Here is what I used if it helps, though its been posted before. The total weight was 4.95 lbs. I used this kit over a 3 day trip with a low temp of 38. If I get a chance I'll post my new summer list which does require significant money:)

There are a lot of similar items. I'd say the real difference is in water purification (as Roger pointed out) and in the sleeping pad. I can't say enough about having at least a wind shirt for extra clothing.

Golite Ion - 9.10

Montbell Thermal Sheet Quilt - 14.30
GG 3/8" Thin Light Sleeping pad (trimmed 38") - 3.45
Golite Poncho Tarp - 10.75
Montbell Breeze Dry Tec Bivy - 6.30
8 Ti stakes - 2.25
Spectraline (8 x 3 ft = 24 ft) - 0.65

Platypus 2.5 lt. Water Bottle - 1.30
ClO2 Purifications Tabs (20) - 0.45
Platypus 1 lt. bottle - 0.90
Trip Tease Cord 35' + REI Stuff Sack for Food - 1.85
Fuel Bottle (4 oz cap.) - 0.60
Everclear Bottle (3 oz cap.) - 0.40
Snowpeak Trek 450 - 2.40
Gram Weenie Stove + pan - 0.45
Camp Soap (micro-dropper) - 0.30
Mini Bic Lighter - 0.40
Foil Windscreen & Foil Lid - 0.25
GSI Collapsible Spoon - 0.30

Extra Cloths: 11.95
Golite Wisp Windshirt - 2.85
Mont-Bell UL Down Jacket - 6.90
REI Merino Wool Light Hiker Socks - Low 2.20

Essentials in Ziplock:
Keychain Thermometer/Compass - 0.30
Cell Phone - 3.30
Book - The 2 oz Backpacker - 2.40
Microlight - 0.30
Contact Saline - mini bottle - 0.40
Sunscreen - mini bottle - 0.45
Deet - mini bottle - 0.55
Pen w/duct tape & needle - 0.30
Denta burst brushes x 4 - 0.10
Floss - 0.20
Contact Case - 0.50
Meds (4 imodiums, 4 bendryls, 8 pseudofeds, 16 ibuprofins - 0.40
Extra Contacts - 0.50
Gauze Pads - 0.05
Match Book - 0.15
Swiss Army Knife Classic - 0.75
Ziplock Bag - 0.25

Mike Clelland
(mikeclelland) - MLife

Locale: The Tetons (via Idaho)
3 season LIST on 06/01/2009 06:47:11 MDT Print View

Some feedback:

Thermarest Prolite3 short mat - 14oz - The BPL torso-lite and/or the Montbell pad are 9.9 ounces and plenty comphy.

Cooking Gear:
MSR Pocket Rocket- 3oz, Fuel canister 6oz - The canister stoves require heavy fuel canisters, alcohol is lighter for short trips. The options are cheap, compared to the heavy and expensive canisters.

REI titanium pot w/ lid- 5oz - 5 ounces? Use a tiny mug instead, much lighter.

Katydyn Hiker pro filter- 13oz - Wow, this is TOO heavy. Just get AQUA-MIRA and re-package it in smaller dropper bottles.

OR waterproof food bag- 4oz - 4 ounces? For a stuff sack? There are plenty of lighter options.

Platypus 1 liter bladder- 3oz - this seems wrong, a 1-liter bottle is lighter.

Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: summer gear list on 06/01/2009 10:01:36 MDT Print View


I think you have a pretty solid list. Also agree with the other posters, get a lighter pad and another water purification system. Aquamira or Katdyn tabs work great for me.

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: re: summer gear list on 06/01/2009 17:10:50 MDT Print View

> I can't say enough about having at least a wind shirt for extra clothing.

Yeah - shivering in the wind is not why you are there!


Brian Hall
Thanks on 06/04/2009 02:39:46 MDT Print View

Thanks for the reviews guys... I know I still have some heavy stuff. Just now gettin into the ultralight category and trying to replace my heaviest stuff a little at a time. I just purchased one of the new prolite xs pads tonight, it only weighs 8oz. The 3oz for the platypus was for the platypus hoser, sorry if I didn't clarify that. I have some of the aqua mira tablets, I might have to try the liquid stuff though.

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Thanks on 06/05/2009 08:03:25 MDT Print View

Brian, looks like a pretty solid list for summer time. You could replace a few items to save weight, but if your not looking to spend any cash, I think your good to go.

One thing, is 1oz if stakes enough to pitch your poncho tarp? Seems kinda light...just checking :)

Think about leaving the Katydan Hiker at home and using your aqua mira tablets. Saves you a ton of weight. I like the tablets better then the drops for ease of use, the downfall is that they are more expensive per liter.

Brian Hall
Thanks on 06/07/2009 19:43:09 MDT Print View

It was about 1.25oz for the 6 BPL lazr titanium stakes. I rounded my numbers off to make it easier to post. Rounded some up and some down so it prolly equals out pretty close. If i'm off a little, no big deal. I will have to go back to my tablets then. I've still got a couple containers of them from a few years ago. Do they go bad?

Michael Sweet
(Afplyr05) - F

Locale: Pocono mtns.
Yes on 10/26/2009 15:53:51 MDT Print View

They go bad after a year 4 the aquamira at least .

Tim Haynes

Locale: Mid Atlantic
An emergency bivvy, just in case? on 11/09/2009 14:11:54 MST Print View

If this is your first time on an ultralight/superlight summer trip, depending on where you are going, I'd consider adding a heatsheets emergency bivvy. It's an additional 3.5 oz, but it's ~$12, and adds a lot of safety margin for the minimal additional weight.

Windshirt is also worth adding, and can be found for just a few oz.

The weight your saving by moving to tablets from your filter will more than make up the difference.