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feature request
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Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
feature request on 05/21/2009 03:22:54 MDT Print View

When submitting a new post at the end of a multi-page thread, why are we redirected to the beginning page of the thread?

Most people want to see where their post has appeared, so the "submit" button should redirect us to the end of the thread (actually, the new post at the end of the thread).

Is there some technical reason why this isn't possible? (eg. database needs a second to update, and if you redirect too early the posted message doesn't appear?)

If not, can it be arranged? It would be far better, and save a bit of bandwidth too.

Thanks, A

Edited by ashleyb on 05/22/2009 17:22:50 MDT.

Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
A second feature request on 05/21/2009 03:28:16 MDT Print View

Also, is it really necessary to force people to wait 30 seconds before they can edit their posts?

I realise that a 30 second limit between posts is there to discourage 'robots' posting spam, but is there a way to let people *edit* there posts as soon as they want to?

I know that I often want to change a word here or there after posting, so I click edit, change the word and then try and resubmit and get the big, red error warning. Kinda annoying, and if this could be fixed it would be great!