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Larry Sullivan
(150mph) - F

Locale: Los Angeles
msds on 05/18/2009 18:08:08 MDT Print View

Thanks for your input. Never thought my love of the woods would lead me to researching chemicals and learning how to read hazardous chemical spec sheets. But this interest is all about staying as healthy as possible when using an alcohol stove over the long term, so I think it's an important thing to learn. I could use more enlightenment, if you can help.

I registered at, where I got 9 search results for "Sunnyside denatured alcohol".

Allpro Denatured Alcohol Sunnyside Corporation
Allpro Denatured Alcohol Sunnyside Corporation
Denatured Alcohol Anhydrous Sunnyside Corporation
Denatured Alcohol Solvent Sunnyside Corporation
Denatured Alcohol Solvent Sunnyside Corporation
Denatured Alcohol, Anhydrous Sunnyside Corporation
Denatured Ethyl Alcohol Sunnyside Corporation
Denatured Ethyl Alcohol, "Tecsol" 3 Solvent, 95%
Pro Solutions Denatured Alcohol Sunnyside Corporation

Here are excerpts from the MSDS pdf for Denatured Alcohol Solventpic. (This is the same stuff I bought down at the local TrueValue hardware.

I'm posting only sections I cut out of the 3 pg pdf that appear relative to ingredient quantity.

Where on the spec sheet does one get the 95% figure? (The figure "95%" is listed under "Common names" but there's no documentation or reference as to why.) The weight % is 85.7% (not bad)

I could get no search results for SLX, slx, S-L-X or s-l-x. The search engine on this site refuses to give all results for "denatured alcohol". Signed up for more helpful it lists 1000's of listings no matter how you narrow the search.

So... How to get info on SLX and other brands?

Heesoo Chung
(impulse04) - MLife
Re: msds on 05/18/2009 21:16:33 MDT Print View

Try asking at the store you purchased the denatured alcohol from. Most hardware stores will be glad to print off a copy for the item you are purchasing. I was able to get a MSDS for eyewash (active drug: 98% water).

If the local shop don't have it, try searching at: